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Pray with us for this month's topics

Church Buildings

A church building is one of the most powerful tools for the spiritual growth of a congregation as a church family and as individual disciples of Jesus. The safety and reliability of a church building enables many types of ministry that otherwise are difficult to carry out, such as Women's Fellowship, VBS and Sunday School. It is also recognized as a trustworthy place for people in the community to seek help. However, many of our brothers and sisters in Asia don't have a church nearby. Let's pray for them today.

Here are some ideas for prayer:

  • Praise God He gives His peace and strength through Jesus Christ!
  • Pray men and women will encounter God in a beautiful way.
  • Ask God to provide more believers with buildings for worship.
  • Pray God will grow His people in Asia close to Him through His Word and through prayer.


God's Word is a precious gift for His Church. Many people around the world lack access to the Scriptures, and they struggle to grow in their relationship with Jesus because they cannot read His Word. Let's pray for people who long to have and read a Bible for themselves.

Here are a few suggestions for prayer:

  • Pray Bibles will be available for those seeking to know Jesus in a deeper way.
  • Pray believers who do not have a Bible will remain steadfast in their faith.
  • Ask God to guide translators who are working to provide Scriptures in more languages.
  • Pray more people can learn to read and write in order to read God's Word.

Bicycles for Those in Need

What can help schoolkids in Asia who walk several miles a day to get to school, families in Asia who have no means of transportation, or missionaries who can only walk so far in one day? Bicycles! We started a fundraising campaign to provide bicycles for pastors and families in need, and through many people's generous donations, more than 1,000 bikes have been funded so far. Let's pray for those who will receive these bicycles and for many others who are still in need.

Here are some ways we can be praying:

  • Praise God more than 1,000 bicycles have been given through the campaign already!
  • Pray more bicycles will be provided for pastors and families.
  • Let's ask God to bless bicycle recipients with His joy and provision.
  • Pray missionaries will be encouraged in their ministries through their bicycles.

More Students for School of Discipleship

Together, we as a staff have been praying daily for 50 students to come to be a part of GFA School of Discipleship this coming August. It's a big goal, but we are asking God to lead young adults from ages 18 to 27 to spend a year seeking Him through School of Discipleship. This year-long program is focused on helping men and women encounter Jesus in a meaningful way, and it gives students the opportunity to be involved in missions, grow in community and practice personal evangelism.

Regarding salvation, Jesus says in Matthew 19:26, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." So let's trust and pray to our God who is able to do the impossible.

Here are some ideas on how we can pray:

  • Praise God for the students currently participating in GFA School of Discipleship!
  • Pray God will raise up 50 young men and women to apply and join School of Discipleship this August.
  • Ask God to bless and strengthen these 50 students' hearts through their year at School of Discipleship.
  • Pray God will enable these students to follow Jesus closely all their lives.

Help Minister to Those in Need — Join the Prayer Team

Join with us as we lift up in prayer the people of South Asia and their needs. Receive prayer request with a special focus each month from Asia. You can have a part in ministering to those in need, through our most powerful tool, prayer.

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