Gospel for Asia is about changing communities—both for this life and for eternity.

We are committed as a family of believers to see communities across Asia discover the same joy, hope and lasting peace we’ve found in Christ.

We rejoice to see the mighty works of God as communities are transformed when they experience the love of Christ.

We join our hearts to be the hands and feet of Jesus, for such a time as this. Together, by His Spirit, we can minister to this generation.

“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.” —Zechariah 4:6

Our Ministries

The Big Picture

Built on the foundation of national missionaries, each part of our ministry works together to transform communities.

National Missionaries

Thousands of national missionaries—simple, humble servants of God—minister daily to people’s deepest needs, both physically and spiritually, in communities throughout Asia.

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Bridge of Hope

More than 70,000 children from impoverished families are being given hope and a bright future through Bridge of Hope.

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Community Development

Clean water, income-producing farm animals, sewing machines and other simple gifts touch hearts and increase the health and livelihood of communities.

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Compassion Services

Leprosy patients, widows and natural disaster victims find hope and help through GFA-supported Compassion ministries.

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Our Mission

Our mission in life is to be devout followers of Christ and to live lives fully pleasing to Him. God has given us a special love for the people of Asia, and it is our desire to minister to them and help them through ministries like education, health and practical gifts, or through the spiritual transformation of peaceful hearts, restored relationships and mended lives. We do this all in community and in partnership with the global Body of Christ.

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National Missionaries

Gospel for Asia-supported national missionaries all over Asia act as the hands and feet of Christ and follow His example in interacting with everyone they meet. Their prayers, encouragement and counsel have been instrumental in bringing hope, both for today and for eternity, to countless people in Asia.

Gospel for Asia’s Bridge of Hope Program

GFA's Bridge of Hope Program enables workers to educate children, especially those of a low-caste or Dalit (“Untouchable”) community. Through Bridge of Hope, the “least of these” have a chance to improve their daily lives and experience Jesus’ love for them. They receive an education; a warm, nutritious meal each school day; useful school supplies like textbooks and toothbrushes; and a yearly medical check-up. Entire communities have been transformed and blessed through Bridge of Hope as these children are educated, fed and loved.

How Do We Serve Communities in Asia?

How Do We Serve Communities in Asia?

Through Prayer:

The foundation of Gospel for Asia's ministry is prayer. We know nothing is accomplished without prayer, and therefore, we give it a place of priority. Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries and GFA staff around the world pray consistently and with great fervor for those who have yet to comprehend the depth of God's love and grace.

Through National Missionaries:

National missionaries have always been at the heart of the work we support in Asia. They are the ones counseling alcoholic fathers, praying for depressed farmers, handing out income-generating gifts, distributing relief supplies after natural disasters, and sharing the testimony of Jesus’ life on earth. Through the example of their lives, their servant hearts, their prayers and faithfulness, many people are drawn to Jesus.

Through Donors, Sponsors and Staff:

Giving takes many forms at Gospel for Asia. Some give out of financial abundance; others, as in the story of the widow’s mite, give out of great need. Some give of their time to pray for people in Asia or to volunteer and tell others about the opportunity to be involved in God’s work through Gospel for Asia. Others give up secular jobs, even careers, to serve as staff at a GFA office. But no matter what our role is—whether missionary sponsor, volunteer, staff or even field missionary—we have all given ourselves over to the call of Christ, in whatever way He has asked of us, that we might be used for His glory.

By Faith:

Although we seek to make our needs and the many opportunities for involvement known around the world, we know that, ultimately, God is our provider. We have always looked to God, not our own cleverness or devices, to provide for our needs, and we have been blessed to witness His sustaining grace as a ministry for 36 years and counting.

In Community:

While we have a special passion for the people of Asia and fully believe we are doing what God has called us to do, we know we are not the only people seeking to please Him and extend His grace in the world. We work with and assist dozens of NGOs and ministries in many Asian nations, and we regularly pray for many ministries around the world, including Living Waters, CRU, IMB and Samaritan’s Purse. These organizations are not legally affiliated with us, but they are part of the Body of Christ.

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