Children are often the key that opens the door to the sharing God's love in many villages.

And GFA Children's Ministry is taking this message of God's love to tens of thousands of the precious children in developing nations.

It typically starts with a song or a Bible story the children learned while at a GFA Child Sponsorship Program centre, Vacation Bible School or Sunday school. These little children then take what they discovered about God home to their families and friends, and soon people are talking about—and giving their hearts to—Jesus Christ!

Explore these areas of Children's Ministry to see how you can get involved in helping children in South Asia

Sunday School Ministry

Sunday schools can pioneer ministry work in a village. Sometimes when missionaries go into a village, the only ones willing to listen to the Good News are the children.

Sunday School Ministry

Vacation Bible School

Every summer, thousands of Christian and non-Christian children attend GFA Vacation Bible Schools.

Vacation Bible School

Youth Ministry

God is raising up the youth of South Asia to be strong pillars for His Church, which is experiencing explosive growth.

Youth Ministry

GFA Child Sponsorship Program

Millions of children in South Asia live life never knowing the hope that awaits them in Christ. However, through GFA World's Child Sponsorship program, they get to learn for the first time what it's like to have new life and be embraced by their Heavenly Father.

Visit our Child Sponsorship Program pages, look through the photos of the children and consider sponsoring a child.

Visit the Child Sponsorship Program

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