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Five Minutes for Asia - Resource Kit

You can change his life in just five minutes.

  • His mother was a temple prostitute who died of AIDS.
  • He lives with his grandma, who can barely feed him.
  • But because someone like you cared, he is learning to write his name—and to sing "Jesus Loves Me."

Through presenting a simple, five-minute video in your service, your people will be encouraged and motivated to powerfully fulfill the Great Commission. And half a world away in Asia, individuals and entire families will be transformed by the Gospel.

What is in the kit?

  • Five Minutes for Asia pamphlet
  • Missionary profile (sample)
  • Bridge of Hope Child profile (sample)
  • Revolution in World Missions book
  • Send magazines
  • Together We Can Reach Them Information booklet
  • Directions for Coordinators letter
  • Five Minutes for Asia DVD

The DVD will provide your church members with information on how the Lord is bringing many to Himself through missions in Asia.

Four Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Is there any cost to our church for the Five Minutes for Asia presentation?
    A: No. We will send all of the presentation materials free of charge.

  2. Q: Is there a time commitment to the sponsorship?
    A: No. People may choose to stop their sponsorship at any time. Gospel for Asia will find others to take over the sponsorship.

  3. Q: Can we present missionary and child sponsorship on the same day?
    A: We have found that it is easier to present one or the other rather than both. If you would like to have both presented, we suggest presenting them on different days.

  4. What percentage of child/missionary sponsorship money will go to pay for administrative costs?
    A: None. Gospel for Asia sends 100 percent of all missionary and child sponsorship money to the field.

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