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Practical and spiritual assistance for victims of natural disasters

GFA-supported national workers serve victims of natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones and flooding. A devastating storm can wipe out homes, crops and livelihoods in an instant, leaving impoverished families with very little hope for the future.

Our Compassion Services teams love the Lord and serve the needy from that same heart. They immediately step in to assist victims of natural disasters with emergency relief like food, clothing, clean water and shelter. They provide counseling and pray for families grieving lost loved ones. Workers bring long-term solutions too; helping to rebuild homes, put children back in school, and provide income-generating tools to get families back on their feet again.

Latest Report: Severe Flooding in Assam

Assam, India, is experiencing another devastating year of monsoon flooding, torrential rains causing local rivers to overflow. Currently, 65 people have died—including children—and more than 1.7 million people have been affected.

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Donate to Flood Relief

Your donation can help GFA-supported Compassion Services teams provide things like blankets, medicine and other emergency supplies to flood affected people and villages across Asia, all in the name of Jesus.

Donate to Flood Relief

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Through the myGFA fundraising tool, you can answer Jesus' call to share His love while inspiring the same desire in the hearts of others around you. These campaigns are to created to help the poor and equip missionaries in some of the most difficult areas of Asia—where millions have yet to experience His love.

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