Compassion Services

Gospel for Asia's Compassion Services is bringing Christ's love to the suffering and needy in very practical ways. GFA-supported missionaries and volunteers assist survivors of natural disasters by providing food, water, medical care, clothing and even shelter. Teams also minister to slum dwellers and leprosy patients in some of Asia's major cities. And all is done with a clear Gospel witness.

Abandoned Children - Street Children

Millions of children find themselves discarded orphaned abused in the sex trade or kidnapped and sold into bonded labor. Others are simply runaways. GFA has a home to offer them protection and is striving to reunite them with their families. Your donation enables GFA to reach out to these children.



On those blustery winter nights during the winter season, who doesn’t like to curl up under a warm, soft blanket? That’s not possible for many impoverished families in Asia. Many live in homes that lack sufficient heat and protection against the harsh winter elements. Your gift of $15 for a blanket will provide much-needed warmth and comfort.

Compassion Services

GFA Compassion Services is bringing love to the suffering and needy in very practical ways. GFA assists survivors of natural disasters by providing food water medical care clothing and even shelter. Teams also help slum dwellers and leprosy patients in some of Asias major cities.

Flood Relief

Bringing the love of Jesus to the flood victims. Your gift to GFA will help provide emergency relief and bring flood victims God's hope for a new life through Jesus Christ.

Hope for Suffering Women


Bring immediate aid to women in Asia by giving to the Hope for Suffering Women fund. This provides a struggling woman with simple things like a month's rent, food for her family or even basic medical care when it's hard to come by.



Through GFA Compassion Services you can provide a simple strong house for a family for only $5600 - a house that will remind both parents and their children as they grow up that someone loved them enough to give them shelter.

Junior Barnyard Bundle


Bundling up a pair of chickens, a pair of rabbits, a pair of pigs and a lamb is an easy&m-;and super cute&m-;way to share the grace of God with several families in Asia.

Bundle Includes:

4 Chickens: $12
2 Pigs: $65
1 Lamb: $65

Leprosy Ministry

The main goal of our leprosy ministry is hope with the victims of this disfiguring disease. At the same time we seek to help them with the many needs and challenges they face in their personal lives their families and their colonies.

Noah's Ark Package


"Animals the animals they came in by twosies twosies." Well with this Noah's Ark package we aren't taking the animals onto a giant wooden ship but we can bless many families in Asia with the gift of two of each animal!

Package Includes:
2 Chickens: $12
2 Goats: $140
2 Pigs: $65
2 Lambs: $130
2 Cows: $880
2 Water Buffalo: $1080

Outdoor Toilet


Approximately 2.4 million deaths could be prevented annually if people had appropriate hygiene practices including reliable sanitation. Nearly 20 percent of the worlds population is forced to go to the bathroom out in the open. For only $160 you will help reduce the risk of common diseases by providing a family with an outdoor toilet. The external structure will vary however each unit includes a dual-tank system for optimized sanitation.

Persecution Relief Fund

Daily, our brothers and sisters on the field face the reality of persecution for their faith in Christ. It's not uncommon for angry mobs of anti-Christians to beat up believers, burn down churches and torture pastors.

By contributing to persecution relief, you'll be a part of paying the medical expenses for believers, which can also include travel to bigger hospitals for treatment.

The funds will also be used to replace destroyed Gospel literature, rebuild houses and repair damaged church buildings, providing healing for all aspects of life touched by persecution-related attacks.

Slum Ministry

Tens of millions of people in Asia live in the squalor of slums&m-;in one-room shanties, usually without electricity, running water or toilets. But through slum ministry, the Lord is giving people in slums the chance for a better life. Gospel for Asia-supported national workers serving in slums teach adult literacy classes and tutor children. They disseminate information about health and hygiene. They distribute income-generating gifts, along with practical gifts, like water filters, toilets and clothing. They also share with slum dwellers about the greatest gift anyone could gain: the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Widows and Abandoned Children


Blamed for their husbands death widows in South Asian society are viewed as cursed and left to fend for themselves. Abandoned children face similar circumstances and are forced to provide for their own livelihood. The Widows and Abandoned Children fund provides GFA with the means to help these women and children.

Womens Ministry

The Scriptures show that the Lord has a special role for women to fulfill in His kingdom. The first person to whom God chose to announce His Son's earthly arrival was a woman. Through Jesus' ministry, He demonstrated His value of women in a male-dominated society&m-;teaching them, touching them and healing them. And when He rose from the dead, women were the first to know.

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