Empowering the Poor

Here are some special ways you can give to reach out to entire families in South Asia. Through blessing them with the vocational tools you see on these pages, you also give them a chance to hear about the redemptive love of Jesus—the greatest love they could ever discover.

BioSand Water Filter


Many poor regions of Asia have no source of pure drinking water. Using concrete and sand, these bio water filters remove impurities, providing water for drinking and cooking that is 98 percent pure. For $32, help provide pure water in an Asian village&m-;and a chance for them to hear of the living water Jesus offers.



On those blustery winter nights during the winter season, who doesn’t like to curl up under a warm, soft blanket? That’s not possible for many impoverished families in Asia. Many live in homes that lack sufficient heat and protection against the harsh winter elements. Your gift of $15 for a blanket will provide much-needed warmth and comfort.

Embroidery Machine


Asian clothing is often enhanced with intricate designs. For centuries the needlework was painstakingly completed by hand. But today there are embroidery machines to speed things along. This machine allows a seamstress or tailor to craft remarkably beautiful items to sell while creating an income for themselves

Fishing Boats


On a nice day you may enjoy taking your fishing boat out on the lake. For millions of families in Asia fishing at sea is their primary source of livelihood. As a result of the Asian tsunami thousands lost their boats and nets-and with them their means of supporting their families. Your gift of a boat for $2700 will equip a family to provide for its daily needs.

Fishing Net


Millions of Asians rely on fishing to feed their families. In coastal areas they can cast their nets upon the waters everyday and sell the fish to the local markets. Those in more interior villages fish on a seasonal basis to supplement their incomes. And the fisherman get a much larger profit since they dont have to rent or buy their own nets leaving more money for essential household needs

LED Solar Light System


In areas where there is no electricity - such as low-caste or Dalit villages - good lighting at night is unobtainable for many. An LED solar light system running on solar power with a seven-year battery would be a special blessing for people in such places. For $125 you can provide an LED solar light system a gift that will light up a home.

Medical Ministry


Gospel for Asia’s Medical Ministry teams of trained nurses and doctors visit dozens of villages, and Bridge of Hope Centers, ministering to thousands of people each year, all in the name of the Great Physician&m-;Jesus Christ.

Mosquito Nets


These nets offer protection from the sting of an infected mosquito and help to give their owner a restful nights sleep. Most households need several nets to protect everyone in the family. Save them from sickening agony or death from malaria for $12.

Outdoor Toilet


Approximately 2.4 million deaths could be prevented annually if people had appropriate hygiene practices including reliable sanitation. Nearly 20 percent of the worlds population is forced to go to the bathroom out in the open. For only $160 you will help reduce the risk of common diseases by providing a family with an outdoor toilet. The external structure will vary however each unit includes a dual-tank system for optimized sanitation.

Paddy Threshing Machine


Harvesting rice is a laborious process that requires workers to spend hours separating the grains from the straw-like stalks. South Asian farmers have been doing this this work by hand for thousands of years. However now they can save precious time by using a simple paddy threshing machine. The pedal-operated machine takes no more skill than riding a bicycle.

Pull Cart


Carts piled high with fruit vegetables clothing or handcrafted items are a common site in South Asian cities. Working as a street vendor is a legitimate way to make a living. Yet many vendors struggle to earn enough money to even rent a cart. With their own cart a vendor can save time and keep the entire profit for his family



Rickshaws are like the taxis of Asia. For many low-caste people being a rickshaw driver is the one opportunity they have to provide for their families. However many have to rent a rickshaw every morning because they can't afford their own. Up to half of their daily income can go toward renting this vital piece of equipment. With their very own rickshaw these hardworking people can keep all that they earn to help pay for their family's basic necessities

Sewing Machine


"Sewing" Seeds for Eternity with the Gift of a Sewing Machine

Many families work as laborers; sometimes having to sell their children just to earn enough money to support their family. By providing a sewing machine to those in need, they now have a chance to start their own tailoring business. Once the sewing machine is given, classes are provided so people can start putting their new machines to good use.

Give a Family Hope for the Future

With the funds provided by making and repairing clothes in their community, people who formerly had no hope can now send their children to school and provide for their family. Please provide a practical gift in Jesus’ name to those who need it most.

Tin Sheets - 1 set


The best South Asian homes are built using simple materials that will withstand the harsh natural elements. Thats why many homes have roofs of tin sheets. The tin is lightweight and easy to install yet durable enough to withstand the monsoon rains

Tool Kit


In India planting season is vital for a poor rural family. For $95 you can provide a set of tools for a family to grow their own nutritious crops and maintain their home throughout the year. A tool kit includes an axe shovel saw plow sickle and crowbar

Vocational Training


In places like Sri Lanka and South India where the 2004 tsunami displaced so many lives and in teeming cities like Delhi and Bombay the ability to make a decent living often involves vocational training that is beyond the reach of the poor. GFA is teaming up with local organisations to offer training in such practical fields as welding sewing or other basic trades.

Womens Literacy Program


Women's Literacy Classes Teach Scripture and Skills

Women across South Asia gather each week for literacy classes where they learn reading, writing and math skills. When a woman completes the course, she's able to read warning labels to protect her children and understand contracts to avoid bonded labor. She won't get cheated at the marketplace because she will finally know how to add. And she can read the Bible for herself and teach it to her children.

Empower Women with the Ability to Read

These women must become better equipped to survive in a society that frequently takes advantage of them. Classrooms are available and willing teachers are ready&m-;all these eager students need is a literacy book and something to write on. Please donate toward these effective teaching tools.

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