Major Ministriess

Gospel for Asia ministers among the most unreached, sharing the love of Jesus with them.

Bible College Scholarships

Our goal is to instill in each student the vision to take the Gospel to the unreached provide on-the-job training through ongoing outreach ministry give them quality instruction in the Word of God and prepare them for pioneer work hardship persecution and a life of faith through Jesus.

Bible Colleges

Reaching the most unreached in our generation is the vision God has given to Gospel for Asia. For this to become a reality we realized years ago that we would need to send out many more pioneer missionaries to start fellowships among all the unreached people groups of the Indian subcontinent and the neighboring countries.



A chance to read the Bible on their own is a gift that every national missionary wants to give the people they minister among. You can provide a missionary and the believers his disciples with Bibles and New Testaments.

Child Hope Packet


The opportunity for a Dalit child to receive an education is the best gift imaginable. Your Child Hope Packet will make it possible for an Untouchable child to go to school. Your gift helps provide school uniforms books tutoring and help with homework at least one nutritious meal each day and a yearly medical checkup. Many times entire families are changed through just one child. A $55 Hope Packet can change one childs life for all eternity.

Church Building

The sounds of praise coming from a new church building are a dream for many congregations in Asia. With many new believers there is a huge and ever-growing need for buildings to shelter them from the weather and anti-Christian forces.

Depending on the capacity and the location church building construction cost varies. Due to the tremendous growth on the field many of the churches GFA is building can hold 500 people.

Suggested donation: $13000 to $45000

Compassion Services

GFA Compassion Services is bringing love to the suffering and needy in very practical ways. GFA assists survivors of natural disasters by providing food water medical care clothing and even shelter. Teams also help slum dwellers and leprosy patients in some of Asias major cities.

Cyclone Relief

On-going Cyclone Relief efforts:-br-GFA Compassion Services teams are already on the ground caring for the victims of a powerful cyclone that ravaged areas. Rebuilding can take years and our team are there for the long haul.

Dalit Outreach

GFA-supported national missionaries are reaching out to Indias 300 million Dalits ("Untouchables") through the sharing of Jesus love radio programs literature distribution and much more.

Field Ministries

With your gift you can help our national missionaries serving on the field reach the thousands who are waiting to hear about the true God. 100 percent of what you donate will go directly to the field to supply their needs. Think about the impact you could make in countless lives!

Film Ministry


Films on the life of Jesus have proven to be one of the most effective tools to communicate the Gospel with Asian people. Already tens of thousands have been touched by the love of Christ as a result of watching these films. To share this amazing story with others national missionaries all across the mission field are waiting for an LCD projector kit which includes the film and all the equipment needed to show it. $2000 buys one LCD projector kit.



Through GFA Compassion Services you can provide a simple strong house for a family for only $5600 - a house that will remind both parents and their children as they grow up that someone loved them enough to give them shelter.

Jesus Wells


Jesus Wells, often located near GFA-supported churches or Bible colleges, provide hundreds of opportunities for missionaries to share the love of Jesus with the villagers who come for clean water. You can provide a Jesus Well for an entire community for $1,500.

Leprosy Ministry

The main goal of our leprosy ministry is hope with the victims of this disfiguring disease. At the same time we seek to help them with the many needs and challenges they face in their personal lives their families and their colonies.

Medical Ministry


Gospel for Asia’s Medical Ministry teams of trained nurses and doctors visit dozens of villages, and Bridge of Hope Centers, ministering to thousands of people each year, all in the name of the Great Physician&m-;Jesus Christ.

National Missionaries Fund

With a focus to reach villages with the Good News, thousands of national missionaries work day after day to bring the message of hope to those who so desperately need to hear. Your gift to the National Missionaries Fund enables missionaries who are under-supported, especially those just starting out, to continue to work full-time reaching more people with Christ’s love without having to leave the field.

Persecution Relief Fund

Daily, our brothers and sisters on the field face the reality of persecution for their faith in Christ. It's not uncommon for angry mobs of anti-Christians to beat up believers, burn down churches and torture pastors.

By contributing to persecution relief, you'll be a part of paying the medical expenses for believers, which can also include travel to bigger hospitals for treatment.

The funds will also be used to replace destroyed Gospel literature, rebuild houses and repair damaged church buildings, providing healing for all aspects of life touched by persecution-related attacks.

Radio Programs


15-minute program for $55 or one hour of programming for $220
GFA radio provides answers through quality uplifting radio and music. We address tough issues like substance abuse anger family problems feticide gossip and depression from a Christian perspective. The conversational tone of our media ensures that everyone can relate and understand. Educational and value-oriented our content provides hope for a happy healthy life.

Slum Ministry

Tens of millions of people in Asia live in the squalor of slums&m-;in one-room shanties, usually without electricity, running water or toilets. But through slum ministry, the Lord is giving people in slums the chance for a better life. Gospel for Asia-supported national workers serving in slums teach adult literacy classes and tutor children. They disseminate information about health and hygiene. They distribute income-generating gifts, along with practical gifts, like water filters, toilets and clothing. They also share with slum dwellers about the greatest gift anyone could gain: the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Sponsor a Woman Missionary


Women missionaries are dedicated individuals who are willing to lay their lives on the line each day even if it means just one more person hears the name of Jesus. They minister in many ways including evangelism ministering to widows conducting womens fellowships and providing literacy training.

Partner with a woman missionary and help share the love of Christ with other women in Asia.

Unsponsored Children

Many of the 75,000 children in our Bridge of Hope program are waiting for permanent sponsors. Your gift here to the Unsponsored Children's Fund will help us provide for them.

Widows Ministry

Your gift enables pastors in Asia to help widows in need and buy them income-producing necessities (like sewing machines and farm animals) and much-needed supplies (like blankets and water filters). Widows will not only hear that Christ cares for them, but they will also experience His love firsthand and see how He gives them dignity, peace and eternal life.

Womens Ministry

The Scriptures show that the Lord has a special role for women to fulfill in His kingdom. The first person to whom God chose to announce His Son's earthly arrival was a woman. Through Jesus' ministry, He demonstrated His value of women in a male-dominated society&m-;teaching them, touching them and healing them. And when He rose from the dead, women were the first to know.

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