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Gospel for Asia Flood Relief

Flood Relief is part of our Compassion Services

Monsoon Heavier in South India

July 7, 2013

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Monsoon rains are necessary for summer crops, but this year’s rain has been 23 percent heavier than normal in the Indian state of Kerala.

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Water levels rose until the rivers overflowed into local villages.

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Floods from the monsoon rains have left thousands of families temporarily homeless as they wait for the waters to recede.

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Even venturing outside one’s home is a challenging feat.

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The floods have claimed upward of 35 lives since monsoon season began in Kerala.

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Without electricity or proper transportation, families are left waiting for help to arrive.

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Even with relief work, villagers cannot begin rebuilding their lives until floodwaters recede from the area.

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Villagers are thankful for any clean water source they can find.

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Gospel for Asia Compassion Services teams stepped up to provide help for the afflicted.

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Through the generosity of local churches and churches around the world, they gathered rations to distribute.

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Compassion Services teams organized relief distributions in eight villages, providing food to those affected.

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Compassion Services teams distributed food packets to 250 families in one area.

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Flood victims rejoiced to receive emergency rations.

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Ration kits include rice, sugar and tea leaves.

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Although the flood victims have a long recovery ahead of them, they can smile knowing they will be taken care of.

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Carrying the rations on their backs, recipients search for a safe, dry place to put their fresh supplies.

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The Compassion Services teams are also eager to share with the recipients the reason for their generosity: Jesus!

Monsoon rains arrived on schedule on the coast of the Indian state of Kerala, but they spread inland quicker than usual, with a rainfall 23 percent above average from June 1�"12.

Many parts of the state were badly hit with flooding as rivers overflowed to nearby villages. Without electricity or proper transportation, families are unable to buy and cook food to survive. The rain also triggered an early planting season for many summer crops, but farmers are unable to do any work in their fields.

On June 25, Gospel for Asia Compassion Service teams began working with local government officials to host relief camps and distribute ration packets that contain rice, sugar and tea leaves. The teams have worked in eight villages so far, and they continue to identify needy villages.

Please pray for:

  • God’s protection and provision for the victims of the flooding.
  • Favorable weather so families can restore their homes and return to their fields.
  • Wisdom, protection and strength as Compassion Services teams reach out to the afflicted.
  • Many people to meet Jesus in this time.

Donate to Flood Relief

Gospel for Asia Flood Relief

One hundred percent of what you give toward the field goes to the field.

Your donation will help provide food, blankets, medicine and other emergency supplies for our Compassion Services teams to take to flooded villages.

Compassion Services brings the love of Jesus to the flood victims.

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