Christmas Packages

Why Choose One Animal? Bless Multiple Families!

Are you eager to provide income-generating gifts for families in Asia but aren’t sure which items to give? Here are some wonderful animal bundles created just for you. The prices are fixed, and every bundle helps relieve the suffering of multiple families in Asia while demonstrating God’s eternal love. Christmas shopping just got simpler!

Barnyard Bundle


This is a noisy bunch of critters! The Barnyard Bundle includes three pairs of chickens a pair of goats a pair of pigs one lamb and one cow which are distributed among several families. Above the commotion of clucking bleating and mooing animals recipients give a hearty “thank you” for demonstrating God’s love.

Bundle Includes:
6 Chickens: $36
2 Goats: $140
2 Pigs: $65
1 Lamb: $65
1 Cow: $440

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Noah's Ark Package


"Animals the animals they came in by twosies twosies." Well with this Noah's Ark package we aren't taking the animals onto a giant wooden ship but we can bless many families in Asia with the gift of two of each animal!

Package Includes:
2 Chickens: $12
2 Goats: $140
2 Rabbits: $12
2 Pigs: $65
2 Lambs: $130
2 Cows: $880
2 Water Buffalo: $1080

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