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Providing a Chance for Children Without Sponsors

When you give to help unsponsored children, you help supplement the lack of resources when children in Asia don't have the sponsors they need to stay in a Child Sponsorship Program centre.

At GFA-supported Child Sponsorship Program centres, 70,000 children across Asia are receiving free education, food and medical care—and ultimately discovering a new way of life!

But many children in the program do not currently have a sponsor, while millions of other impoverished children have never even set foot in a school and are going to bed hungry.

How can these children receive the care they need?

GFA's Unsponsored Children Fund helps children by:

  • Funding the education and care for children who have no sponsor.
  • Enabling Child Sponsorship Program staff members to immediately enroll extremely needy children while we search for a permanent sponsor.

Your gift for unsponsored children helps supplement the lack of resources when students don't have the sponsors they need. It provides for their meals, their school supplies, their medical checkups and many of their other needs.

Our dream is to one day rescue 500,000 children! And with God's grace and provision through partners like you, we can help those kids one life at a time.

How Is GFA's Child Sponsorship Program Helping?

Children are the future of every community. But in many areas of Asia, poverty, addictions, social injustice, discrimination and lack of education are devastating children's futures.

GFA-supported Child Sponsorship Program centres are changing that by:

  • Providing quality education.
  • Meeting physical needs, such as food and medical care.
  • Fostering good morals and character development.
  • Displaying genuine, christlike love.
  • Preventing and creating awareness of social ills.

By coming alongside unsponsored children who are enrolled in the Child Sponsorship Program, you can make it possible to keep the doors to a hopeful future open for those who are otherwise overwhelmed with poverty, hunger, lack of education and hopeless futures.

Dr. K.P. Yohannan, founder of GFA, shares:

"It seems like in every place a Child Sponsorship Program centre opens, hundreds of parents beg the staff to enroll their children into the program. Unfortunately, staff can only take a limited number of children because of lack of space and sponsorships.

"I remember seeing heart-breaking pictures of little children standing at the gate of a Child Sponsorship Program centre and longingly watching the students inside. They, too, wished to be there. And indeed, each of them is so precious and has the potential to change their world for the better—if only they were given the opportunity.

"Often the most difficult decision for the staff is to admit one child from a family and make the other families wait until we find sponsors for those children. However, sometimes the poverty and tragic circumstances in a family are so dire and life threatening that we need to enroll their children immediately, even if they have no sponsors."

A Father’s Plea for His Children

Amar is desperate to give his children better lives—he longs for them to break out of the cycle of poverty that he's been stuck in. He says, “Sometimes I sit and cry when I think about the condition of my family.”

Help forgotten children like Amar's through the Unsponsored Children Fund—providing food, education and medical care, all in the name of our Lord.

$456 provides for a child for a year while we search for a permanent sponsor, but any amount can help.

$456 provides for a child for a year while we search for a permanent sponsor, but any amount can help.

Transform Children, Transform Communities,
Transform a Generation

Your gift to help unsponsored children will enable Child Sponsorship Program centres to continue ministering to children in need—and transform an entire generation.

Maybe you'd be able to make a special donation to help these needy kids? It takes just $35 a month to keep a child in the Child Sponsorship Program. Your generous contribution to the Unsponsored Children Fund provides for children's education, nutritious meals, medical checkups and many of other basic needs when they lose their sponsor or while we're searching for a sponsor.

$456 provides for a child for a year while we search for a permanent sponsor, but any amount can help!

Learn More About GFA World's Child Sponsorship Program

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

Through GFA World's Child Sponsorship Program, you can sponsor a child in an Asian nation for as little as $38 per month. If you sponsor a child each month for 12 months, you'll help transform his or her life by providing an education, a daily meal, school supplies and medical checkups for only $456 for the entire year.

Other child-sponsorship organizations that help children in Asian nations do so for more than $38 per month. Because GFA's Child Sponsorship Program partners with workers native to the nations in which we serve, we're able to keep the cost of child sponsorship lower than other organizations.

What is GFA's Child Sponsorship Program?

GFA's Child Sponsorship Program is a child sponsorship program operated by GFA World. When people choose to sponsor a child through our program, we provide them with a photo of a child in Asia, letter-writing opportunities between the child and the sponsor, and updates from the child they are praying for and writing to.

As part of the child sponsorship program, the sponsor provides $38 per month to GFA's Child Sponsorship Program for each child they are sponsoring, which makes it possible for a child to receive:

A daily meal


Moral teachings

Medical checkups

GFA's Child Sponsorship Program pairs you with a specific child in Asia whom you can pray for and write to while you are sponsoring.

2018 Report: More than 70,000 kids helped through GFA's Child Sponsorship Program

Emily shares how GFA’s Child Sponsorship Program impacted Asha's life in crucial ways. Children like Asha are provided with a daily meal, which many of them are not always guaranteed apart from the Child Sponsorship Program.

Dropping out of school is also a growing issue among many children in Asia. Various elements play into this. One being that education is not as valued by parents because the need to work in order to survive is much more demanding. Another is not fully understanding the importance of schooling. The most common one, however, is that many of the kids need further tutoring in their studies so they can keep up in school. Child Sponsorship Program staff members provide children with the critical help they need to not only keep up in their studies but excel. They also explain to parents the importance of education.

If sponsorship makes it possible to provide for sponsored children, how can GFA's field partners serve the children who are not sponsored or who have lost their sponsor?

To help serve the children with no sponsors, we have a special fund: Unsponsored Children Fund.

The Unsponsored Children Fund helps equip our field partners with the resources needed to serve children without a sponsor. Because of the generosity of donors and the work of our field partners, these children who don't have a sponsor can still have the opportunity to learn, get daily meals and receive medical checkups—just like their friends who do have sponsors.

But what happens when a child who was once sponsored no longer has a sponsor?

GFA does not want any child to lose the quality opportunities provided through it's Child Sponsorship Program, and this is where the Unsponsored Children Fund comes in. This fund picks up where there is a lack of sponsorships and enables Child Sponsorship Program staff to continue to serve children despite losing a sponsor.

Would you help equip Child Sponsorship Program staff to continue to serve needy children by giving toward the Unsponsored Children Fund? By contributing generously to this fund, you can transform the lives of many, many children at once.

Donate to help unsponsored children

$456 provides for a child for an entire year.

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