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In South Asian culture, most widows are seen as a curse and shunned from society. Depending on the circumstances, they're often ignored by even their close relatives.

Abandoned children also face extremely difficult conditions. On their own, they search for food in waste dumps and make their homes with trash and rubble.

Their Situation Can Improve

Your donation will provide Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries with the means to help these precious women and children of God.

Your gift will also give them the chance to hear about their Creator and a Savior that loves them so much that he died for their sins.

Know You Made a Difference

By giving to the widows and abandoned children of South Asia, you ensure that they're taken care of and shown love.

Continue this week knowing your action has truly made a difference.

Watch a video about a woman named Geeta. This video will help you better understand the plight of widows and children in South Asia.

Give to Widows and Abandoned Children

When asked why he gave towards widows and abandoned children,
Pete M. of Kelso, WA answered:

"I read the book Revolution in World Missions and will never be the same. It opened my eyes at my own selfishness. That's the first reason, the second is because God's word says do not forget the widows and orphans."

Share with your friends about the plight of Widows and Abandoned Children, in this way you become an advocate for those without a voice.

Share about this through Facebook, Twitter or just a simple email to a friend.

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