Give warm clothing to people who need it

Remember the last time you were outside on one of the coldest days of winter? You were probably very grateful for the warm coat that protected you from the elements. Now think about working in the frigid climate of the Himalaya mountains, but this time you don't have access to adequate, warm winter clothing. That was the situation GFA World-supported missionary Ashka found himself in a few years ago.

For missionaries like Ashka and income-earners laboring through cold winters, the gift of winter clothing means more than mere comfort—it's the ability to fulfill the daily work God has given them. Neighbours get to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ for the first time, and children go to bed with full stomachs. Whether recipients are sharing the love of God or providing for a family, winter clothing will offer them warmth for years to come.

I would like to thank all those who thought about us. They loved us, and their love is seen in these warm clothes. —Pastor Bhupendra

Video Highlight: How Winter Clothing Makes an Impact for a GFA Worker

These affordable gifts will provide opportunity and hope in Jesus' name.

$45 provides one winter clothing packet.


I received the mailing about the winter clothing need and wanted to be part of the solution for one of those laying down their lives and comfort in service of the King of kings!

Mr. Parker, GA

I’m glad GFA gives winter coats to people who are really impacting the world for Christ. Out of Christ’s love and respect for them, I give them some comfort and warmth.

Naomi, PA

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