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Church Building Set on Fire, Local Authorities Help Repair


October 14, 2014

On Oct. 9 the church in Madhya Pradesh, India, opened its doors to around 300 believers ready to worship and rededicate the once burned-out building to the Lord.

While the building was being repaired, local authorities guarded the church and even purchased all the resources needed to fix the damage created by the fire.

The local people have stood beside Gospel for Asia pastor R. and the believers during this time, offering support and encouragement.

“The work of the church is so good for the villagers, and they have positive views about the church,” said a GFA field correspondent. “They even said good things about our church to the police officials.”

Please continue to pray for Pastor R. as he leads the body of believers in this area. Pray also for the local authorities as they support the church and seek to discover who set it on fire.

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Local police guarded the church while it was being repaired.

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Men helped clean up and paint the inside of the church.

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The church’s altar was restored.

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Thirteen days after being set on fire, the church building was ready for rededication.

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Believers gathered for the rededication service to worship and praise the Lord.

Initial Report

October 8, 2014

Local authorities are helping repair a church building that was set on fire on Sept. 26 in Madhya Pradesh, India. The flames charred the building’s white walls and destroyed the church’s altar. A Bible, chairs, rugs and other items were ruined in the fire.

This has been the first incident of vandalism Pastor R., who leads the church, has seen in his 10 years of serving in the area. It is still unknown who set fire to the building, but the local police are working to resolve the situation.

Pastor R. and the believers gathered in front of the church on Sept. 28 to have their usual Sunday worship service. They remain encouraged in their faith and are thankful for the government’s help during this time.

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Charred sections of the roof where the flames escaped through the windows

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The church’s Bible, left on the altar

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The church before the fire

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The church’s altar destroyed by the fire

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Inside the church building

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Please pray for:

  • Pastor R. and the believers will stay encouraged despite the sudden opposition.
  • God will bless the local authorities as they offer the believers support and help repair the building.

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