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Update: Relief Meets Needs of 900 Villagers Surrounded by Floodwaters

October 6, 2014

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Believers from a neighboring state transported more than 300 food packets to the floodwater victims in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Villagers carried food packets back to their homes in the mountains where they’ve escaped from floodwaters.

Heavy rainfall ravaged the state of Jammu and Kashmir on September 5 with roads completely washed away and communication lines broken among 100 villages. Surrounded by water, which destroyed their homes and livelihoods, more than 1,000 villagers struggled to survive.

In the weeks that followed the destructive rain, believers in a neighboring state gathered food and basic necessities. On September 15 and 16, they transported more than 300 food kits into the affected areas and distributed them among the isolated. Local authorities joined the relief efforts and helped distribute the food kits containing 20 pounds of flour, 4 pounds of beans, 2 pounds of rice and other basic cooking essentials, along with mosquito nets and clothing. The believers continued to extend help and bring more food packets, benefiting more than 900 families and showing them God’s love.

“After many days, today I was able to cook some food and give it to my children,” said one recipient. “Thanks to the church that reached us and helped us to live.”

As the floodwaters have claimed the lives of more than 100 villagers, please pray for the waters to continue to recede and for more families to know of God’s genuine care through the relief efforts.

100 Families Helped as Waters Flood 80 More Villages, Leave BOH Students Homeless

August 27, 2014

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GFA workers stand in a line, ready to pass food packets into the church to give to families.

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A GFA worker gives a woman a food packet.

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Heavy rain broke a wall meant to protect this low-lying area and sent floodwaters sweeping through the village.

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Many believers’ homes, including these, have been inundated.

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Villagers have found shelter on village walkways until floodwaters recede from their homes.

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The home of one pastor.

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The home of a Bridge of Hope student.

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A house on a riverbank that was completely destroyed.

Earlier this week, amidst fresh flooding, a line of Gospel for Asia workers stood in knee-deep water and pouring rain to hand packets of food to 100 needy families in a village devastated by floodwaters.

The leader of Gospel for Asia’s work in the area gave a message of encouragement, and the team handed out packets that included 22 pounds of rice and 4 pounds each of dal and potatoes.

“I don’t have words to say thank you for this item of ration,” said one recipient. “My family is in great agony. … My house is under the water now; we are living on the village pathway under the plastic sheets provided by the government. We are seven members in our family. The ration items given by the church are more than sufficient for us to eat for several days. My children will not starve to death now. Thank you so much.”

The relief followed heavy rainfall that started Aug. 22, letting loose a flood that broke through a barricade meant to protect the low-lying village from flooding. Waters washed away most of the village’s mud houses, along with people’s possessions. A rescue boat brought people to a relief camp.

The flooding also wiped out three of our temporary church buildings, which were made of bamboo and mud. Two permanent church buildings were also submerged.

Most believers in the village are staying on the streets because their homes are flooded.

Many children who attend one of GFA’s Bridge of Hope centers live on riverbanks. Twenty-nine of these children have lost their homes. Now the students are not only homeless but also without food, clean water or clothing.

“We have nothing—nothing,” cried one mother. “What we had has been taken away by the flood. We do not have home, food, water, proper clothes. How shall we survive?”

“I have given all to make this house,” shared the father of a Bridge of Hope student, “but the flood has taken away all my life’s effort, making my family empty-handed. This was my 20-years saving and effort. Now I am old and I have no hope of rebuilding it. I do not know what steps I should take.”

The same flooding that ransacked this village forced its way into a total of 80 villages in the region.

Meanwhile, Nepal continues to reel from the flooding that has killed more than 100 Nepalis and left thousands homeless.

Gospel for Asia is working to aid individuals along with the families of the Bridge of Hope students who are affected.

Please ask the Lord to:

  • Help the relief efforts of GFA, other organizations and the government to reach many people with the aid they need.
  • Move people’s hearts toward Him.
  • Minister strength (physically, spiritually and emotionally) and wisdom to GFA workers.

Flood Victims Watch Helplessly as Waters Take Away Homes, Loved Ones

August 19, 2014

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Two boys ferry to a house while a woman behind them wades through the water.

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Many believers, including these, have been affected or displaced by the flooding.

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The house and church of a GFA pastor, as viewed from a makeshift raft.

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Villagers look over their flooded land.

Late last week, continuous torrential rains sent floodwaters sweeping over regions of Nepal and northern India, destroying cropland, killing at least 180 people and displacing 22,000.

More than 180,000 people have been affected by the floods. So far, 11,000 homes have been damaged, and 38 square miles of cropland are underwater. People fear the situation may become worse in the next 12 hours.

The government has set up a few relief camps, but many flood victims still await help. The flood has destroyed water pipes and roads and cut off electricity. That, along with continual rain, has hindered relief efforts.

Many Gospel for Asia pastors, their families and the believers they lead are struggling because of the flood.

“It was a sudden flood,” GFA field correspondent Jayana said. “People are saying, ‘Overnight, the water covered our entire house and washed away all our agriculture.’ The loss is truly massive.”

Officials in Nepal fear a cholera outbreak because flooding often spreads waterborne diseases; it also pollutes water sources.

The people in this region experience tragedies similar to this one each year because of monsoon season, which lasts from June through September.

Please pray for the flood victims:

  • That God would have mercy on the land and make the floodwaters recede.
  • For physical protection and health for pastors, believers and their livestock, along with everyone else in the region. Please also pray for protection over water sources.
  • That God would help rescue efforts and spare lives.
  • That God would glorify Himself, give opportunities for ministry and reveal His goodness to people through this catastrophe.

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