Flushing out Disease, Building Dignity

Anesh and his family rubbed the sleepiness from their eyes as they assembled to make their morning trek into a thick, green forest. Tall trees surrounded them with hopeful privacy, but still, there was no telling what they would encounter that morning. Wild animals and lurking men made the daily morning journey a dreaded one, especially for women. But they had to relieve themselves, and the outdoors was their only option.

Toiling Without a Toilet

Anesh gathered his family around him. The family, who had just that morning made the embarrassing trek, joined together to do something about it: pray. They petitioned the Lord for a much-needed but impossible item—a toilet.

Anesh worked hard to bring in daily resources for his family. He had the responsibility of providing for six family members, and though he toiled, he could never make enough to build a toilet.

Anesh and his family loved Jesus, and they served faithfully in the church, growing strong in the love of the Lord. GFA-supported pastor Chamanlal shepherded them and also saw their needs. He encouraged Anesh and his family to pray in faith, believing God would answer their call for help.

Without access to their own toilet, the only option is to find a place outside.

Approximately 2.3 billion people around the world do not have a decent toilet. That's one out of every three people.
Flushing out Disease, Building Dignity

This is Pastor Chamanlal and his family. With the love of the Lord in his heart, he is committed to serving God by helping meet the needs of people around him. He understood the plight of Anesh and his family and their desperate need for a proper toilet.

A Critical but Common Problem

The need for proper toilets around the world and in Asia alone is staggering. According to WaterAid1, approximately 2.3 million people around the world do not have a decent toilet. That's one out of every three people. A startling statistic—one that Anesh and his family were a part of.

"During rainy season," Anesh's wife, Panita, said, "it was difficult to go to an open area for nature's call. Being a woman, it is humiliating to do business in a public area. Sometimes, when people pass through, I would stand and felt so sad."

A Need Not Unseen

But God was not distant from this family's prayers. He knew their need well and worked through Pastor Chamanlal—and believers around the world—to answer those prayers.

As Pastor Chamanlal brought this family's need to his leaders, he got permission and resources to build a toilet for the family through a Christmas gift distribution program.

Soon, instead of trees, solid cement walls would surround people; instead of bare ground, a toilet was installed. After the finishing touches of blue paint were complete, the newly constructed facility was handed over to Anesh and his family, right in his backyard!

This was a joyous day. Not only were they encouraged to witness God answering their prayers but after many long years, they also finally had a sanitation facility on their own property. They were very thankful to God, as well as to the church, for providing them this facility. Now, Anesh and his loved ones do not have to get up early in the morning, and they don't have to fear wild animals.

Flushing out Disease, Building Dignity

Anesh and his family were so happy and blessed to receive the answer to their prayers: a toilet on their own premises.

A Toilet Changes a Village

After the construction of Anesh's toilet, the villagers asked Pastor Chamanlal to build one for them too. Anesh and his family excitedly told the villagers how the church has concern for the people. The community grew positive toward the social services of the church and appreciative of Pastor Chamanlal. Some villagers even started attending prayer meetings.

With much joy and thankfulness to God, Anesh said, "I am grateful to God and to the church for their concern toward us. I do daily work, and I could not build a sanitation [facility] for my family. But thank God for the help from the church."

Anesh's mother, Onella, was grateful too.

"The toilet is safe and secure for the females," she said. "I have been using the open area for many years, and I wished a lot to have our own by seeing others. But due to the lack of money, we could not make it. But I thank God and the church for their concern and the help."

Building a toilet for a community or a family can spare lives from disease, provide protection from the elements and wild animals, and give dignity to those who have never had it before.

It's That Simple

A simple useful gift like a toilet can change the lifestyle of an entire family and even an entire village. Because someone gave, Anesh's family was blessed with something they otherwise would probably never have been be able to obtain on their own.

This year, for World Toilet Day on November 19, you can make a difference in the lives of precious people in Asia with the practical gift of a toilet, which will give many the priceless gift of restored dignity.

An outdoor toilet in Asia cost $780


*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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