A Fount of Healthy Blessings

Pastor Dalajit sighed at the long list of sick families to pray for. Dysentery, typhoid, malaria and other maladies plagued many of the families in the village where he served the Lord.

Pastor Dalajit had just started serving in this rural area. As a newcomer, he spent many days each week introducing himself to his new neighbors. Offering prayer for any needs they had, Pastor Dalajit noticed an alarming trend: Many families were crippled by all sorts of illnesses.

Pastor Dalajit faithfully prayed for the sick families, face-to-face and in his own personal time with the Lord. He also asked the Lord for insight into the disproportionately high rate of illness. After several months he found the answer: polluted water.

The main water source for the village was an open well located about a mile outside the village. Whenever it rained, this well, being unprotected, collected garbage and sewage as rain water created rivers of filth that snaked through the flat land. The open well became the receptacle for the flowing waters, contaminating the entire well.

This was the water the villagers used to wash clothes, do dishes and cook their food. This was also their drinking water.

Waterborne Illness Wiped Away

Once Pastor Dalajit realized where the diseases were coming from, he gathered his congregation together to pray for a solution. The body of believers fasted and prayed every Friday asking the Lord to help.

Then, one day, the Lord put it on Pastor Dalajit’s heart to ask for a Jesus Well for the village.

His request was granted, and a Jesus Well was drilled. The people in the village rejoiced to see the clean, clear water gush from the above-ground spout! Rain water would not be able to wash waste into this well. The Jesus Well was also deep enough to pull water from underground even in the dry season. The former well regularly dried up by mid-day, forcing everyone to jockey for their water needs in the early hours of the morning.

Every day, more than 250 people fetched water from the new Jesus Well. Waterborne illnesses such as dysentery and typhoid no longer plague the community now that families have sanitary water to drink and cook and clean with.

God’s Love Poured Out Tangibly

One family in Pastor Dalajit’s congregation was especially blessed by the Jesus Well. Now that the village had an abundant source of water, even through the dry season, Samaah was able to plant potatoes, onions, beans and other green vegetables for his family. The quality water from the Jesus Well helped his produce grow lush. That year, Samaah and his family did not have to purchase any vegetables from the market. In fact, his harvest was so abundant, Samaah had surplus produce to sell in the market, supplementing his family’s income! He easily paid his children’s school fees and other household expenses—something that had stressed the family’s budget in the past.

God’s blessings have flowed through this once sick and struggling community. The Jesus Well—a source of God’s goodness—is pouring out an abundance of pure, clean water.

The Jesus Well had brought not only health to the people in the village but alsoa tangible display of God’s love.

A Look Back

Jesus Wells

In 2000, GFA workers began drilling Jesus Wells after the Lord put a burden for clean water on a GFA donor’s heart. He called the ministry, wondering if GFA would allow wells to be built near churches led by GFA pastors. From that phone call, the Lord began opening doors to help national workers provide clean water in their communities. That donor sponsored the very first 10 wells!

Gisela Yohannan spent a few days praying and fasting for this new ministry, and during that time, the Lord revealed to her that the wells should be called Jesus Wells.

By 2005, GFA workers had drilled 20 wells—including the very first one in Sri Lanka— with the hope of constructing 1,000 by 2008. Today, through the Lord’s grace and the help of donors across the globe, around 4,000 Jesus Wells are drilled each year throughout Asia, offering pure, sweet water to anyone who thirsts. Each well bears a plaque inscribed with Jesus’ words in John 4:13–14, “Jesus answered and said to her, ‘Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.’”

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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