Jesus Well Relieves Water Crisis

Vimal grew up in an agrarian village where most of the locals were farmers, relying on small ponds to irrigate their fields and sustain their livestock. Women relied on the single water well in the village, almost a mile away, for their daily cooking, bathing and cleaning needs. To get enough water for these tasks, they and their children made four or five trips to the well every day, carrying heavy buckets of water on their heads.


Drought, Death Are Frequent Visitors

Every March through May, drought settled in Vimal’s area, exasperating their water crisis by drying up the small ponds and turning the fields to dust. No longer able to water their cattle in the little streams and ponds in the fields, Vimal and the other farmers of the village brought their livestock to join the women and children at the well, swelling the line waiting for water.

Bickering often broke out in these long lines because villagers were convinced their own needs were greatest. During the dry season, there was not enough water to go around, and villagers had to forgo bathing and limit cooking. The lack of access to clean water filled the village with tension and illness.

Several years ago, Vimal’s relative became sick because of the unsafe water coming from the well.

“[My relative] complained of stomach pain,” Vimal shares. “He suffered for more than two months, and the problem started to grow even worse. After two months, he passed away because of stomach pain and, I believe … consuming unsafe water.”

Other families suffered loss too. A young boy around 5 years old developed severe diarrhea because of the contaminated water. Not having a hospital close by, the family had to wait until the next morning to see a doctor. The boy was too sick, and the doctors were not able to help him. He passed away.

These difficulties soaked into the fabric of the community, infusing it with a great sense of need.

Pastor Bharit

The First Drops of Hope

Pastor Bharit began ministering in Vimal’s village, praying for people and sharing God’s love. He knew the troubles of this community intimately because he grew up there. He brought comfort to deathbeds and encouragement to the weary.

Vimal became the first in his village to join Pastor Bharit in worship and prayer. As Vimal’s heart for the Lord grew, so did his burden for his community. He began asking God to provide good, clean drinking water for the village. As Pastor Bharit’s congregation grew, they joined Vimal in praying for abundant, safe water, trusting God to take care of them in their crisis.

Jesus Well Pours New Life into Village

After years of praying to the Living Water to provide the daily water they needed, Vimal’s village was scheduled to have a Jesus Well drilled. Vimal was thrilled.

“It was such a blessing that the Lord answered our prayers and gave us this Jesus Well in our village,” shares Vimal. “I was so happy.”

As the congregation, which had grown to more than 100 people, began planning for the Jesus Well, they looked for the best place to put it. They wanted a good location that would be convenient to all the villagers, eliminating the several miles traveled each morning and evening to fetch water.

Vimal’s neighbour heard about the planned Jesus Well. Though not a member of Pastor Bharit’s congregation, he donated a portion of his land for the well. Being alongside the road in a central location, it was the perfect spot.

“Because of this Jesus Well we are helped so much,” Vimal says. “My family doesn’t have to walk a far distance … Now the time [spent] fetching water can be invested in any other work.”

“Because of this Jesus Well we are helped so much. My family doesn’t have to walk a far distance … Now the time [spent] fetching water can be invested in any other work.” —Vimal

The health of the community has improved tremendously. When the Jesus Well was first installed, the community had it tested, at the direction of the local authority, for safety. After testing the water in a lab, the report came back that the water was very pure and safe to drink.

Because of the depth that the Jesus Well was drilled, it did not run dry—even deep into the drought season. The fresh clean water was available to the villagers year-round, right on the roadside in the middle of town.

Blessings Flow to Nearby Villages

Word spread to other villages about the pure water available from the Jesus Well, and people now travel several miles to get water from Vimal’s village. As Vimal sees the needs beyond his village, he has begun praying for more Jesus Wells for surrounding communities, so everyone can share in God’s blessings.

“Please pray for several other villages that are going through water crisis,” Vimal shares, “that we will be able to install a Jesus Well like this, in such places … Pray that through this Jesus Well many will see how God loves them and they will experience … God’s faithfulness and God’s loving kindness.”

I care about the water crisis

Mothers and their children walked a mile each way several times a day to fetch water from the only well close to this village. That well was the only source of water for every household need for the entire village of more than 200 people.

Every morning and evening, long lines would form at the well as families waited to fill their water jugs. Bickering would often break out among those waiting. Children, whose morning chores included helping carry water to the house, sometimes missed the bus that took them school. This hindered their education.

Every spring, drought came to this village, drying up any natural sources of water available to the farmers. Men joined the long line at the well, bringing their livestock for watering. This drastically increased the burden on the single water well and lengthened the wait time for everyone.

Vimal, the first believer in this village, was burdened by his community’s struggle for the basic necessity of water. He asked for help from the local GFA-supported pastor (pictured), praying God would provide a solution to their water crisis.

The Lord answered Vimal’s prayers, and a Jesus Well was installed. Vimal’s neighbour donated land to the church for the Jesus Well. The prime location, which was centrally located and near the roadside, provided easy access to the entire village.

This new easy access ended the long travel times and lines as women and children were able to quickly get to the well throughout the day as they had need.

Jesus Wells are drilled much deeper than the average village well, tapping into greater water reserves and producing plenty of water for the needs of the community. Even in the drought season, the well continues to pour out pure water despite its heavy use.

Many people in this village had become ill, and some even died, because of the murky water (pictured on right) from the former well. Because the Jesus Well pulls water from a deeper reservoir, it produces cleaner water and the villagers are healthier.

This Jesus Well has lifted the strain of getting enough water each day. Joy and health have replaced worry and sickness. “It was a such a blessing that the Lord answered our prayers and gave us this Jesus Well in our village,” Vimal (not pictured) shares. “I was so happy.”

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