Touching God's Heart

“My wife and I started supporting GFA … in 1981. We started with one national missionary. For us, that $30 (USD) was a big step of faith.”

That step of faith belonged to Charlie, a donor since the ministry’s infancy

One day, while driving home from work and listening to a radio program, Charlie heard guest speaker K.P. Yohannan share about the new ministry of GFA. As Yohannan shared a vision of impacting lives with the love of God through national workers, Charlie knew this was exactly what he had been looking for. He pulled over into a parking lot and waited to hear the address.

“That night, I wrote a letter to GFA and mailed it the next day,” Charlie says.

Supporting the work of GFA for close to 40 years, Charlie has watched the ministry grow from its foundation of supporting missionaries to digging Jesus Wells, sending out mobile teams and establishing Bridge of Hope. With each expansion of the ministry, Charlie could see God’s message of love traveling faster and faster.

“When I first heard of the [mobile] teams showing the Jesus Film,” Charlie shares, “my heart jumped with joy!”

“When I first heard of the [mobile] teams showing the Jesus Film, my heart jumped with joy!”

Many GFA donors have carried a lifelong burden for Asia. Childhood dreams of sharing God’s love in the vast continent find fulfillment in supporting national workers raised up by God.

Karen, another GFA donor, values her unique role in the Great Commission.

“We appreciate the ability to be part of the [message of God’s love] going forth,” she says. “We cannot go ourselves, but we can support those who are willing to go!”

Others, looking for something bigger than their own lives to invest in, have found a valuable partner in GFA.

“I absolutely love GFA and the work you are doing among some of the world’s poorest people,” shares Eileen, who sponsors 12 Bridge of Hope children. “It has been a joy to partner with you in your ministry.”

Impacting Lives—A Two-way Street

Changing lives across the globe for eternity is a driving force for our donors. But by partnering with GFA, donors receive a huge blessing themselves. Charlie and his wife sense a closeness with the Lord as they pray for people across the globe, touching God’s heart with the things that matter most to Him.

“Through the years of praying for GFA and watching it expand into new endeavors, I have been blessed by being honored to touch the heart of God for the people of Asia,” Charlie says.

For others, giving is a family event, bringing generations together to serve those in need.

“The ministry impacts us in so many ways,” Karen says. “As a mother, I am thankful for the ministry updates to show my children what is happening in the world and to support our brethren in their struggles through prayer and financial support … even what a child earns [here] makes a huge impact there!”

These caring, passionate individuals—and many more just like them—have linked their lives with the vast work of God in Asia.The opportunity to literally change thousands of lives lies at their doorstep.

A Look Back

Ministry Partners

In 1981, GFA sent out a special mailing with the help of pastor and radio broadcaster Lester Roloff, who had invited Dr. K.P. Yohannan to speak on his radio program, Family Altar. During that broadcast, Roloff announced he was going to sponsor six national missionaries and encouraged others to do the same. People from all over the U.S. responded to this message and became national missionary supporters. Weeks later, Yohannan asked to use his mailing list, which Roloff surprisingly agreed to. After a few tests of faith, which you can read about in Revolution in World Missions, GFA sent out the mass mailing.

“That mailing incident proved to be another turning point in the history of GFA,” Yohannan writes. “We received many new sponsors—a double increase in the number of [national workers] we were able to help.”

Charlie is one of those supporters who heardYohannan on Roloff’s radio program in 1981. He and many others from that time still support God’s work in Asia through GFA, and we praise the Lord for their steadfast friendship!

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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