Jesus: Faithful in Sickness and Health

Bahaj was too weak to work. The encompassing stomach pain he suddenly contracted while labouring in the fields looked like it had ruined him forever. Hearing footsteps near his door, Bahaj soon saw a figure of a young man who introduced himself as Pastor Tukal. Bahaj didn’t know it then, but this unplanned visit was about to change his life forever.

Jesus: Faithful in Sickness and Health

Just as this man is working in a paddy field in Asia, Bahaj worked hard in the fields each day. But one day, Bahaj suddenly had severe stomach pain. His health spiraled downward as he searched everywhere for healing.

Sudden Stomachache Leads to Poverty

Bahaj grew up in a small village, and he worked hard in his paddy field each day to provide for his wife and children. Life seemed to be flowing along normally until one day in 2008, when sudden pain struck his stomach. He grew worse and couldn’t digest his food properly. Eventually Bahaj became lean and frail and couldn’t even work.

Bahaj spent his hard-earned money going to the hospital seeking after treatments—but the doctors brought him no relief. Bahaj then turned helplessly to his gods, but they were silent to his desperate cries and sacrifices.

Bahaj poured all his resources out while trying to find healing. He eventually sold his cattle and some of his valuables to pay his bills. But after investing so much into medical treatments, he still had no answers.

As Bahaj plunged deeper into poverty and his body grew weaker, his family and friends wanted nothing to do with him. So many near and dear to him forsook him—except his wife and children—and refused to offer their support when he needed it most. He was then left to handle his struggles without them while he got worse each day. Bahaj had lost hope.

Better than a Doctor’s Visit

But the Lord had compassion on Bahaj and wanted to show him how much He loved him, so He sent His servant to Bahaj’s village one day. GFA-supported pastor Takul was visiting Bahaj’s village to pray for and encourage the believers there. One believer told him about Bahaj and lead him to his home. When Takul arrived at Bahaj’s home, he found out about Bahaj’s stomach problem and welcomed Bahaj’s humble request for prayer.

With assurance, Pastor Takul prayed for Bahaj that day and began visiting him each week to pray and share encouraging Scripture with him and his family. Within a month, God heard Pastor Takul’s prayers and healed Bahaj completely! The healing touch of the Lord, and His love for him, filled Bahaj with hope. He started attending church to find out more about Jesus—the One who showed up when everyone else had left him.

This is Pastor Takul and his beautiful family. God sent Pastor Takul at just the right moment to encourage and pray for Bahaj. Through his faithful prayers, God completely healed Bahaj of his illness.

Opposition, Poverty and Answered Prayers

Filled with faith, Bahaj wanted to walk with Jesus for the rest of his life, and he soon became a prominent member of the church. But the people in the village were not excited about Bahaj’s decision to follow Christ. His family members stopped talking to him altogether. The community opposed him and said, “Why did you forsake your old faith and accept the new faith, that is, Christianity?”

Bahaj confidently responded, “For the last one year, I had been struggling with severe stomach pain. I did a lot of [religious rituals], but I failed to realize any kind of improvement in my life. I will follow my Christ [at] any cost, because He is the One who set me free from my stomach pain completely.”

As Bahaj and Pastor Takul brought this trouble before the Lord and sought His face for wisdom, the Lord changed the hearts of Bahaj’s family and community. Soon the Lord even drew Bahaj’s wife to Himself, and the couple together learned to love the Lord and worship Him with their lives.

Meanwhile, Bahaj matured each day in the Lord, and through his example, some of his family members found hope and love in Christ too. Though Bahaj had little, he did have healing and love in Christ, and God saw his son’s struggle each day.

“I will follow my Christ [at] any cost, because He is the One who set me free from my stomach pain completely.”
Jesus: Faithful in Sickness and Health

Bahaj and his family were blessed with a goat during a GFA-supported Christmas gift distribution. Like the family who owns these goats, God kept multiplying Bahaj’s herd, enabling him to provide for his family.

A Goat that Increased Faith and Broke Poverty

Bahaj and his little family had hope in Christ, but they were still deep in poverty; Bahaj had spent so much in pursuit of healing. Even though he now faithfully worked in his paddy field each day, the income from his labour wasn’t enough. Pastor Takul saw Bahaj struggle and began to seek God’s face in prayer—he longed to help his brother in Christ.

Pastor Takul prayed earnestly for two years, and then God, in His great love, provided Bahaj with a goat through a GFA-supported Christmas gift distribution. God blessed this goat, and soon it gave birth. By the end of the year, Bahaj had three goats. The Lord continued to bless the goats, and a year later added one more goat to the little flock. With a grateful heart, Bahaj gave one of his goats to the church as a tithe, and the Lord blessed him once again. A year later his goats increased again—from three to seven! For a second time, Bahaj gave of the increase to the Lord and offered another goat to the church.

Today Bahaj is no longer in want. The Lord was faithful to His promise, and came through to provide. With the money Bahaj received from selling some of his goats, he was able to purchase school uniforms for his son, and buy rice, flour and clothing for the rest of his family.

Goats are useful creatures! Not only are they cute, but they give rich milk that families can either sell or use. Goats also multiply, enabling families to a sell the young goats in order to purchase necessities. You can help break poverty by providing a needy family in Asia with a goat this Christmas!

Christmas Gifts Can Change a Life

Bahaj and his family are just one of millions of families who have been blessed with practical, income-generating gifts through GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalogue. Like so many needy families, Bahaj was able to see the fruit of his gift impact his family’s well-being and bless the local church, too.

You can make a lasting impression on lives by giving a Christmas gift to a household in poverty. Check out our Christmas catalogue online, and see what gifts you can bless a family with this year!

Give a Christmas Goat

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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