Pastor Marty's Story:
Growing Up In the Slums

May 2015

Do you remember your childhood? Pastor Marty does. He grew up in the slums of Mumbai enjoying innocence even in extreme poverty. Through many hardships, Marty lost all hope until he encountered the love of Jesus in a very real and practical way: the healing of his son.

After graduating from a Bible college, he returned to the slum he grew up in and is passionately sharing Jesus' love with those who are struggling.

Join Pastor Marty and let the world know nothing, not even extreme poverty, can cover the love of Christ.

Ministry that GFA World is supporting in the slums:

Since 1999, GFA World has been supporting ministry to those who live in the slums of South Asia in various ways:

  • Providing free medical clinics and teaching basic hygiene and preventative health measures
  • Providing literacy classes for adults
  • Conducting tutoring classes for children
  • Holding weekly Sunday schools

Many fellowships have been started as our missionaries bring hope by living out the sacrificial love of Christ. You can play a part!

Learn more about the Slum Ministry

KP Yohannan Visits Slums in February 2018

KP Yohannan visits Mumbai slums and Pastor Marty ministry in 2018
“GFA slum ministry and people like Pastor Marty help provide things like health care, vocational training, education, literacy training, clean water, toilets and so much more to people who so desperately need it. … I was so relieved and excited to see the missionaries and Sisters of Compassion sacrificially serving the families in the slums. Missionaries like Pastor Marty, who himself grew up in the slums and now is back serving with his family. His ministry here is truly great! Serving here is not easy, and there are millions of people here who need prayer and the opportunity to experience hope. Pastor Marty and many other missionaries are faithfully serving in the slums.” —Dr. KP Yohannan
KP Yohannan visits Mumbai slums and Pastor Marty ministry in 2018

Join us in looking beyond ourselves, and help meet the needs of our brothers and sisters in Asia, who serve those without hope.

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Originally published May 2015

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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