Peace Through the Airwaves

Maitra’s fingers suddenly stopped on the radio dial. Words of truth resounded into the mountain air, words that said she was loved and could have eternal hope and peace. This message on the radio would change Maitra’s life forever.

Peace Through the Airwaves

After listening to a GFA-supported radio program, Maitra (in purple) experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. She found lasting peace, and the Lord also healed her mother-in-law through the prayers of a local GFA-supported pastor.

A Life Without Peace

Maitra lived in a tiny village nestled in the mountains. Her husband and two grown sons worked many miles away in a different country. Though they would come home when they could, Maitra was left alone, caring for her sick and aging mother-in-law, Rajul.

With no peace or joy in her life, Maitra spent much of her time trying to find methods of healing for Rajul. She invited religious healers to her home to preform rituals, and she herself visited many temples, offering goats and chickens to her gods and goddesses.

Maitra hoped all her sacrifices would bring healing and restore her mother-in-law’s health. But as time went on, she realized none of the rituals she performed gave her what she longed for. Instead of healing, Maitra found the pursuit of healing robbed her of peace and gave her no joy.

There was one form of enjoyment, however, that Maitra had in her day and that was listening to the newest technology known in her tiny village: radio. Her husband, on one of his visits home, had given it to her as a gift.

A Radio Program Changed the Course of Her Life

One day, as Maitra turned the radio dial to find some music, she heard the voice of a radio speaker. Her hunt for music ended. There, in her home situated on top of a remote hill, Maitra listened intently to a GFA-supported radio program.

The radio speaker talked about the love of Jesus Christ, the One who freely gives eternal hope and peace to willing hearts. Peace. It was something Maitra had been searching for, for a long time. As the radio speaker prayed at the end of the program, Maitra lifted up her prayer to Jesus, too.

Life changed drastically for Maitra after that day. She stopped going to temples altogether and stopped inviting religious healers to her house. Instead, she spent time listening to the radio program every day, hungry to discover more about Jesus.

Every year, more than a million listeners of GFA-supported radio programs correspond with GFA-supported workers. Many ask for prayer or advice. Workers respond to every letter and pray for each individual.

Mother-in-law Baffled by Change

Maitra’s change confused her mother-in-law. What had happened to her daughter-in-law? Maitra’s neighbours also watched with wonder. Why was she so different? What caused this change to take place in her life?

Meanwhile, Maitra listened to the radio program faithfully. She was desperate to find out who Jesus was, and she wanted to live her life for Him. She had questions, but she didn’t know any Christians and didn’t have a Bible of her own.

But one day, she met GFA-supported pastor Gulshan, who leads a church that is a 30-minute walk from her house. She shared about the radio program she heard and the decision she made to live for Jesus.

Maitra invited him to visit her home when he could, and he did. Pastor Gulshan answered Maitra’s questions by sharing often from God’s Word, and he prayed earnestly for Rajul’s healing. Soon, the Lord healed Rajul completely!

“How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?” –Romans 10:14

Maitra has testified that the Lord has done great things in her life and in her family’s life. She gives Him the glory for her life change and rejoices that the radio program showed her the true way to healing and peace in Christ Jesus.

“Through the [GFA-supported] radio program, I could know the true God. By His grace I am changed,” Maitra said.

Maitra can walk through life now with eternal peace in Christ Jesus, the very same peace she heard about through the airwaves. Now she hears about His love as she regularly gathers with other believers to worship Christ.

GFA-supported Radio Crosses Barriers

The Holy Spirit is moving powerfully through GFA-supported radio programs. Hearts and lives are being touched by God’s Word in many places where missionaries have never yet trod. God is using radio to impact Asia with the hope of Jesus Christ. There are countless stories of people coming to know the love of God after they tune in on a program.

GFA-supported radio programs began in 1986, and programs are aired in more than 113 languages throughout Asia. More than a million listeners, people like Maitra, correspond with GFA-supported field offices in Asia each year, expressing a desire to know more about Jesus.

Today, you can be part of making it possible for more people to hear about the One who loves them. You can take part in letting people know they can be healed and receive eternal peace in Jesus. By supporting and standing behind GFA Radio, you can impact Asia for the kingdom of God!

Peace Through the Airwaves

Radio can reach much farther and faster than a missionary can; this is why it is so effective. God is using these programs to touch hearts with His life and love. Believers are encouraged and challenged by the radio speakers, while many others have the chance to hear about Jesus for the first time!

Radio broadcasts can be funded for $45 for a 15-minute program or $180 for a full hour.

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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