Rejected Couple Forced to Drink Dirty Water

Desperate for water, Madhura and Jaival pushed the handle up and down on the old, abandoned hand pump. A brown substance spilled from the dirty pipe. It was not fit to drink or cook with in any other circumstance, yet it is what they were forced to use. They had no other choice. If they didn’t drink water, they would die; if they drank it, maybe they would die from waterborne diseases. This is what Madhura and Jaival faced every single day for five years.

Pastor Sees Villagers Suffering

From one household to another, everyone seemed to be crying out for clean water—or any water—to quench their thirst and meet their needs. GFA-supported pastor Jaanai’s heart broke and welled up with love for the people God had called him to serve. He knew many had never heard of Jesus and His love, and on top of this, they were suffering from lack of pure water. In one day alone, it was not rare for him to pray for several individuals who were sick from waterborne illnesses.

The desperate need for clean water compelled Pastor Jaanai to do something to help, but first he and his faithful congregation fasted, prayed and sought the Lord to provide a Jesus Well of their own.

Couple Opens Up to Pastor About Troubles

Within Jaival’s village, there were 750 villagers, and they shared three hand pumps. But the pumps were old and damaged—and only one supplied any water. But just one small hand pump wasn’t sufficient for everyone.

Struggling for water was not uncommon or unfamiliar for most people in this region of Asia, but Jaival and his wife Madhura suffered from water crisis worse than most. Madhura was accused of performing witchcraft that took the life of another villager, and with no trial, her neighbours and friends banned her and Jaival from all the village activities, and worst of all, from the village hand pumps.

Rejected Couple Forced to Drink Dirty Water

Pastor Jaanai (pictured here with his family) serves his congregation faithfully and loves to share with others the hope of Jesus.

Water was limited, and clean water was even harder to come by. Villagers suffered from waterborne diseases continually because of polluted water sources, like this well.

When Jaival and Madhura met Pastor Jaanai, they poured out their struggles to his listening ears. Pastor Jaanai told them about his hopes to get a Jesus Well in their village, and the couple began praying within their hearts that this God of love the pastor shared about would help them. Maybe He would give them what their neighbours refused them. Though they didn’t attend church, Jaival and Madhura became curious and watched to see what this God would do. Maybe He wouldn’t cast them aside unjustly.

Well Gushes Out Clean Water

After many months of earnest prayer, the day the believers and villagers had been waiting for arrived: A Jesus Well of their very own was drilled, completed and overflowing with the cleanest water they had ever seen! The Lord answered their prayers and many were filled with great joy and excitement. Now they could wash their clothes, cook their dinners and refresh themselves with the well’s sweet water, and best of all, anyone could use it!

Faithfully loving Jesus because He first loved them, Jaival and Madhura are now growing in their knowledge of God’s pure love, which never runs dry!

When Jaival and Madhura saw how Jesus answered their prayers and accepted them even when so many people had rejected them, they decided they wanted the Living Water in their lives every day. Faithfully loving Jesus because He first loved them, Jaival and Madhura are now growing in their knowledge of God’s pure love, which never runs dry!

Clean water is a vital asset for our everyday purposes. For many in Asia, clean water is hard to come by. Jesus Wells bring pure water into villages that are thirsty, and they provide the chance to discover the Living Water. You can be part of helping bring water and hope to villages by giving toward Jesus Wells!

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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