See how this BioSand filter brought Nirmala’s family JOY!

March 2017

Nirmala’s family experienced constant pain and sickness because they drank pond water. But since they received a BioSand filter from the pastor, they are now free from sickness!

“My family’s water supply came from the pond,” Nirmala says. Because Nirmala’s family only had pond water to use and drink, the whole family, especially the young children, constantly suffered from headaches, skin problems and internal pain.

“It was a painful and discouraging way to live,” Nirmala recalls.

But then, when a pastor came to their village, Nirmala shared the struggles and pain her family was enduring. The pastor assured her he would give their family a BioSand filter. Because of this filter, the family is now full of joy and free from sickness!

“When we got [the BioSand filter], I thanked the Lord because He understood our problems and diseases and the pain we were going through,” Nirmala says. “Today, we are so happy with the Lord.”

Nirmala also wants to thank those who gave funds to provide for this gift. “I am really thankful for them that they have given a BioSand water filter,” she says.

For only $32, you can help provide clean water to a family like Nirmala’s by giving a BioSand filter. These filters can last up to 20 years if properly cared for, providing children and their families with good health for years to come.

Give a BioSand water filter

March 2017

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