Stashed Papers and a Dream

Manish’s wife closed the door and scanned the pamphlets in her hand. Quickly recognizing their topic, she lost interest—why would she want to learn about the God worshiped by people her community looked down on? Even so, she didn’t throw away the religious papers. Instead, she stashed them away in her home, completely unaware of the significance of that tiny decision.

Stashed Papers and a Dream

When Pastor Ahsan (pictured) met Kanti, she didn’t seem concerned about anything he had to share. Even so, she didn’t throw away the literature she took from him.

Poor Testimony from Nominal Christians

Manish and his wife, Kanti, were exposed to much diversity. Although they were located very near a bustling city, most people around them depended on agriculture and lacked advanced education. People of many different beliefs clustered around the area, rubbing shoulders and observing each others’ religious customs.

In their area, many people were of Christian background, but they actually knew little of Christ’s nature or life. In addition, they held a very low place in society and were slighted by those of higher standing.

One man, GFA-supported pastor Ahsan, carried a passion to help these families gain a clearer understanding of who Jesus is. As he ministered to the nominal Christian families, he also tried to help others recognize the inaccuracy of their preconceptions about Christianity.

Kanti was not impressed with the people she saw who claimed the title “Christian.” So when she closed the door behind Pastor Ahsan, she had no desire to follow in those families’ footsteps.

Husband Intrigued by Literature

Manish responded to the pamphlets quite differently than his wife. When he found them in his house, instead of indifference, a strong curiosity arose within him. He had never been interested in his family’s religious activities, but this literature was different. The Word of God within them sparked a hunger to know more about the real God.

When Manish inquired how the pamphlets came to be in their home, Kanti replied with pessimism. She advised him to not take them seriously—after all, they were written about the Christians’ God.

Kanti’s negativity could not squelch Manish’s interest. However, he was so busy working as an auto rickshaw driver that he could never find time to meet with Pastor Ahsan. If the pastor ever came to his home, Manish would be at work from early morning till the evening. His family of seven depended on his income. Now as he hauled his loads of people or cargo during the day, he also carried a hunger to learn more about the God written about in the pamphlets.

Many pieces of Gospel literature are passed on from person to person, just like the pamphlets Kanti carried into her home. Although she was uninterested, her husband, Manish, was fascinated by the content of the literature and wanted to know more.

Unbelievable News

While chatting in their home, Kanti mentioned that Pastor Ahsan had invited the family to some kind of special program taking place the following week. Manish excitedly replied that he wanted to attend the event.

Stashed Papers and a Dream

At a local program organized by GFA-supported pastor Ahsan, Manish (pictured) finally had the chance to learn more about the God he had read about. Manish could think of nothing other than what he heard, but doubt still gripped his heart.

Manish’s anticipation grew as he waited for the program, hoping he wouldn’t have to work that day and miss his chance to finally see the pastor and learn more about what he had read. When the day of the program finally came, Kanti asked Manish if they were going. Manish gave an assertive reply—they were definitely going. Nothing would stand in his way.

Manish heard things at the program that he had never heard before. Jesus, the Son of God, holy and blameless, died for mankind? And rose again? It felt too fantastic to believe, yet the teaching from God’s Word was so clear. Manish listened with every fiber of his being, completely absorbed in what was being shared. The words from the Bible brought peace and left an undeniable impression on his heart, but Manish struggled to believe it could possibly be true.

During the entire week after the program, Manish wrestled with this internal dichotomy of hope and skepticism. He talked with Pastor Ahsan several times and acknowledged how he sensed something like happiness and peace in his heart when the pastor prayed with him. Pastor Ahsan explained about the overflowing joy and inner peace found in Christ, but Manish was still hesitant to believe the amazing news about Jesus.

Dreaming of a Feast

After one of his conversations with Pastor Ahsan, Manish laid down, closed his eyes and anticipated a peaceful night’s sleep. But during the night, he had quite the opposite experience.

In a dream, he saw many people gathering.

“What is happening?” Manish asked someone in his dream, curious about what everyone was doing and why they were gathering.

The person told Manish that they were all going to attend a feast, and they were hurrying to get the best seat. Manish excitedly started preparing himself to go too, but when he reached the entry door, someone told him that the feast was only for those who had a ticket. Manish had to walk away from the door, and he went home discouraged.

Then he awoke.

When morning came, Manish sought out Pastor Ahsan and listened again to what the man shared from God’s Word. Rich truths fell on Manish’s ears, and this time, they found their way to a ready heart.

Strengthened by the Holy Spirit, Manish could finally believe the unbelievably good news of salvation through faith in Christ—something he’d only recently discovered with the help of the pamphlets. He confessed his inability to meet God’s standard of righteousness on his own, and he decided to ask Jesus to cleanse his heart and lead him in the way everlasting. Soon, he publicly expressed his determination to live for Jesus.

This building offered Manish a safe place to develop his relationship with Christ. Strengthened by the teaching, support and fellowship he received, Manish stood firm in his decision to believe God’s Word, even when his friends mocked him for his faith.

Mockery Is No Match Against Faith

Manish started a new life that day—in more ways than one. He gained an intimate relationship with Christ, but he also lost many relationships as members of his community began to mock him for his new faith. Even his friends made sure he knew their low opinion of Christians now included him.

But Manish could not be shamed into turning away from his new love. He was determined. Clinging to his Prince of Peace, he pressed on in his worship of Christ.

Manish’s testimony and transformed life was not hidden to his family. Gradually, his children began going to church services with him and started their own journeys to intimacy with Jesus. Even Kanti, who had snubbed the very literature that started her husband’s transformation, couldn’t help but see the truth her husband was living for. Now they are united as a family in their love for Christ and are powerful members of His Body!

Culturally relevant pieces of literature are one of the most effective ways of sharing about God’s mercy and forgiveness.

The Word of God Does Not Return Void

One simple pamphlet of literature—which costs less than one penny—can influence the eternities of countless people. Someone gave, which enabled Manish and Kanti to receive the pamphlets that impacted them so significantly, and now they are celebrating new life and helping others find it too!

“So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”
—Isaiah 55:11

200 tracts cost just $12.

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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