The Redemption of a Dying Man

Kaling’s father gathered his five sons. Taking five oval eggs in his hands, he cracked one in front of them all. It was a sign they all understood: Kaling, the rebellious and disobedient one of the bunch, was now no longer a son.

The Redemption of a Dying Man

This is Kaling. Kaling ran away from home as a teenager after his father disowned him for his rebellious behaviour. It would be many years later that Kaling would find true acceptance.

Rebellious Son Runs Away

Kaling never listened to his father’s instructions, even as a little boy. His father tried to teach his son how to live a good life, but despite all the guidance he received, Kaling had a disobedient and unchanging heart. Eventually, his father would no longer endure his son’s shameful behaviour.

When Kaling’s father disowned him, he was only a young boy of 14. Because of his father’s rejection, Kaling decided he would run away forever. With the help of an older friend, he moved to another country where he eventually married and settled down to raise a family of his own.

Then, after nearly 30 years of residing in one area, Kaling sent his wife and children back to his own country, and he moved alone to a remote village several hours away. For eight years, Kaling earned a good income cutting wood from the jungle and selling it for house construction. He built himself a small hut and lived happily there. He also cultivated rice, which he kept for himself because he had no need for the extra income.

Kaling’s Endless Pursuit of Pleasure

Even though he prospered in material things and was strong and physically healthy, sadly, Kaling’s life hadn’t changed from that of his rebellious teenage years. He wasted his income every week by gathering his friends to eat and drink with him. He lavishly spent his money and time on his friends with no apparent thought of what the future might hold. But just like the prodigal son in Jesus’ parable, Kaling would eventually face the emptiness of his pursuits.

But just like the prodigal son in Jesus’ parable, Kaling would eventually face the emptiness of his pursuits.

Left Alone to Die

After living in his new village for eight years, Kaling contracted a breathing problem after suffering from malaria. The man who was once known as strong and healthy became skinny and frail. Kaling spent an enormous amount on medication and doctors, but nothing brought him relief or healing.

Week by week, his health deteriorated. The illness weakened his body so much that he was not able to work. Eventually, he did not have any money left to buy medicine, so he sold his year’s supply of rice in order to pay for it.

The Redemption of a Dying Man

Aadita, (pictured) and her fellow missionary Risha ministered to Kaling when all others abandoned him. She is one of the faithful missionaries God used in Kalings’s life to show him he is loved.

Kaling clearly needed help, but none of his friends troubled themselves to bring him support. There was no one to stand with him.

“Earlier I had many friends surrounding me daily while I was fine,” Kaling said. “But since the time I got sick, they all are avoiding me and hardly visit me.”

When Kaling’s friends did visit him, they would come with discouraging words.

“Your condition is becoming worse, and your life is short,” they said.

Kaling needed encouragement, but he was left unaided.

Compassion Meets Kaling in His Time of Need

One day Kaling’s life took a turn when two women missionaries, Aadita and Risha, came to his remote village. As they visited the homes of the villagers to pray and offer encouragement, they heard disparaging remarks about Kaling.

“Kaling is severely ill, and he may die anytime now, and he does not have anyone,” people said. “If he dies, we have to just throw his body to the riverside.”

Sympathy for Kaling welled up in Aadita’s and Risha’s hearts. Without skipping a beat, the sisters made their way to his house. As they approached Kaling’s hut, located deep in the jungle, they noticed the bamboo trees and weeds crowding his little home. Ariving inside, Aadita and Risha found Kaling lying on his bed, too weak to move.

Aadita and Risha encouraged him, from God’s Word and shared with the disowned son about God’s love and fatherhood for all people. After they encouraged him they began to display God’s love by helping clean up Kaling’s house and by cutting away the foliage that was invading his house. The women also gathered water from the stream to fill Kaling’s vessels.

The Redemption of a Dying Man

Risha (pictured) and Aadita prayed for Kaling and helped him clean up his home when he was too weak to do so himself. Their acts of kindness portrayed the endless love of Jesus to his heart.

Understanding God’s Love

As Aadita and Risha lent their willing hands to Kaling, they displayed the love of Jesus and His offer of Living water to a thirsty soul. Their simple acts of kindness deeply touched Kaling’s lonely heart.

“The good works and servanthood of these two sisters has shown to me the real love of Jesus.”

“The good works and servanthood of these two sisters has shown to me the real love of Jesus,” Kaling shared. “I have found [Him] in them.”

Aadita and Risha continued to check on and pray for Kaling. They introduced him to the believers from the local GFA-supported congregation—Kaling was not alone anymore. The believers faithfully cared for Kaling, helping him around the house and providing encouragement. Little by little Kaling’s health began to improve.

After witnessing how love for Jesus prompted love for mankind, Kaling’s heart opened up to the Lord, and the defiant son committed his heart to Jesus.

“Now, I am not worried anymore,” Kaling said. “I know Jesus will protect me, and our church members will always be by my side.”

Kaling, the disowned son, experienced adoption by his Heavenly Father, and now he awaits a glorious welcome in Heaven. The man who was once rebellious and left alone is now redeemed and accepted!

GFA-supported missionaries are committed to serving the Lord and the people He has called them to love. You can link your life with a brother or sister today, and together bring healing to broken and lonely people like Kaling.

Help Others Experience God’s Adoption

Kaling’s story is just one among many whose lives have been changed through the humble service of national missionaries. As they minister day after day, they are revealing God’s deep love and compassion for all people. You can link your life with a missionary today and be part of changing the lives of broken and lonely people!

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