Uncovering a Treasure After 16 Years

Madira lay bedridden and hopeless. The witch doctors had given up. The medical treatments didn’t work. And now, six years of pain marked her life. Her thoughts yearned and searched for some ray of hope—something that would bring her healing. Then her thoughts turned to an event that happened 16 years ago. She called her son over.

“Now listen to me clearly,” she told him, “and do what I say.”

Uncovering a Treasure After 16 Years

Madira (pictured) and her family lived happy lives until she began suffering with an unknown illness that left her unable to move her body with ease. She did everything the witch doctors told her to do, but after six years, the witch doctors gave up hope of her ever recovering.

When the Witch Doctors Gave Up

Madira’s family life wasn’t perfect, but they pressed on through the hard times. They grew more financially stable over the years, especially after her husband, Chakor, got a job as a police officer. With his new income, they were even able to build a better house for their family of five.

Madira learned in her childhood to honor, respect and adore her traditional religion. She was devoted to her gods and goddesses and turned to them for help in times of need. Such a time came for Madira when she experienced a peculiar, unknown sickness. Pain wracked her body, and normal movements brought deep discomfort.

Chakor gave his wife the best medical help he could, hoping she would recover quickly. But months dragged on to years, and her condition remained unchanged. They had no peace. Chakor and Madira did everything the witch doctors prescribed in hopes of finding relief from what was attacking Madira’s body. After six years, even the witch doctors gave up. They said her sickness was beyond their control.

Discovering the Hidden Treasure of God’s Word

In desperation, Madira’s mind turned to the day, many years ago, when her brother had given her a special gift. It was time to unveil the hidden treasure and try something new.

Now she wondered, with a new sense of courage, who was this Jesus?

Pulling her son aside, she said, “My son, we have done everything we could, but nothing is working. Now, listen to me clearly and do what I say. Bring the Bible, which was given by my brother, and read it for me. I would like to listen to it.”

As her son took the old, neglected book in his hands and read the holy words of God something happened: The moment Madira heard what her son read aloud, pain left her aching body. Madira slept through the night, and she could move without struggle or discomfort. Madira now had a peace she hadn’t felt before. The words brought healing to her weary body. Now she wondered, with a new sense of courage, who was this Jesus?

After that day, Madira and her family searched for a church where they could learn more about God, whose written Word caused such an immediate change in Madira’s condition. Maybe this God would completely heal her?

After reading the Bible that Madira’s brother had given them 16 years prior, Madira felt better. After this, Madira’s (not pictured) family wanted to know more about the God they had read about.

Learning About the Healer

One day they met Seth, a GFA-supported worker serving in their area. When they explained their problems, he shared about the love of Jesus and told them how Jesus is the Great Healer and Restorer.

“If you believe in the name of Jesus Christ, you will be healed,” he told them.

Discouraged after years of disappointing treatments, they responded, “We have done everything, but nothing is working out.”

Uncovering a Treasure After 16 Years

When Seth, a GFA-supported worker, introduced the family to his pastor, they all were encouraged, and the congregation began to pray for Madira earnestly. Soon, the Lord healed her completely!

Seth encouraged them not to worry, because God is able to make impossible things possible for those who believe in His name. After finding no hope elsewhere, the family decided they wanted to go to church to learn about the love of God.

Finding Comfort Through the Body of Christ

Their new friend introduced them to GFA-supported pastors and believers, and many prayers rose up on Madira’s behalf. From that day, Madira felt great relief. The believers prayed for her and her family regularly, and within a few weeks, Madira received complete healing! God had answered their prayers.

Now Madira is a testimony of God’s might and of His Word, which remains living and powerful. After 16 years of keeping a treasure, they finally understood its precious value. God waited patiently for them to realize His awesome love for them, and now they are living in His life and hope.

Give Asia Unfading Treasures

Just like Madira and her family, many families in Asia are being impacted by the greatest treasure that shall never perish—God’s Word. But many others still wait to receive this gift. You can be part of putting this precious treasure in the hands of more families in Asia!

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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