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Orissa Persecution

In September 2008 thousands of believers in Orissa were attacked, some killed, and their homes and churches were destroyed. Many are still homeless and some are even living in the forests or relief camps.

Parts of the video below contain interviews with the victims of the 2008 Orissa attacks.

Orissa Persecution Archives

After Two Years, Full Horror of Orissa Attacks Emerging;
Christians Still Under Siege

First published on December 30, 2009

Two years after the first mass attacks on Christians in India's Orissa state, the full horror of the events are just now beginning to emerge. The violence against believers in December 2007 and August 2008 left physical and emotional scars that survivors will bear for a long time.
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One Year Later GFA Missionaries Bringing Hope to Survivors

First published on August 28, 2009

There is both good news and bad news coming out of Orissa, India, one year after Hindu radicals went on a bloody rampage that left 50,000 Christians fleeing for their lives into the state's forests. As they fled, the religious extremists killed whoever they could capture, then destroyed Christian homes and burned churches.

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Orissa News/Media Archive

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