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Pray for Pure Water:
millions die each year from water-related diseases

Pray for Pure Water

Imagine drinking a large glass of ice water on a 38 degree day. In first-world countries, it's easy to satisfy your thirst with a cool beverage. But worldwide, 1 in 9 people don't have access to clean water. Their ‘refreshing' drink looks more like what you'd find in a dirty fishbowl. Children and adults collect drinking water at contaminated wells and stagnant ponds, contracting deadly waterborne diseases. But lack of access to water is due to more than just poverty. Dalits and Christians are often barred from community water sources by unfriendly neighbors and must drink water from distant or foul sources. Please pray for pure water.

Pray for more Jesus Wells

In places where people drink stagnant water from muddy holes in the ground, a Jesus Well is a precious gift. Women who once had to walk miles to a water source can now gather around a community well. These low-cost wells provide enough clean water for an entire village. Jesus Wells are open to everyone, including those who have been cut off from other clean water sources.

Please pray the Jesus Well projects will spread rapidly, providing hundreds more villages with clean water. Pray God will bless the efforts of the teams installing the wells, keeping the drilling equipment free from damage and the workers safe and healthy.

Pray for Pure Water

Pray for more BioSand water filters

Delivering water that is 98 percent pure, BioSand water filters are a huge blessing to families without a clean well. One system can filter a liter of water every 90 seconds, and their durability and strength allows them to last a lifetime. Because these filters are constructed locally, they also provide work for people in the area.

Please pray for the provision of BioSand water filters for thousands more families in need. Pray for God to send resources and watch over the logistics of making and transporting these systems.

Pray for Pure Water

Pray for healthy communities

Dealing with sickness and death from contaminated water is a normal part of life in many South Asian villages. Each year, 3.4 million people die because of waterborne diseases. Diarrhea causes 1.5 million deaths each year––more than measles, AIDS and malaria combined. Most of the deaths are linked to bacteria-filled water and lack of sanitation and hygiene. As communities receive water from clean sources, however, their health can be restored.

Please ask our Lord, the Great Physician, to bring healing to people suffering from waterborne illness and to protect those who still have their health.

Pray for Pure Water

Pray for the maintenance of Jesus Wells and BioSand water filters

Although Jesus Wells are drilled deep into the ground, severe droughts can sometimes run them dry. Harsh storms, cyclones and hurricanes can cause contamination, so Gospel for Asia sends Compassion Services teams to clean them. Because BioSand systems require scheduled maintenance, pastors perform this service for local villagers. As they do, they build relationships and demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ.

Please pray God will protect Jesus Wells during severe weather. Pray for God's hand on the teams that clean out wells after natural disasters, and the pastors who maintain BioSand water filters.

Pray for Pure Water

Pray for relationships to be built and the Gospel to change hearts.

When villagers receive a Jesus Well or BioSand water filter through the church, doors open for ministry. Wells are often located near the village's church building, and pastors visit the water source frequently to talk with villagers. Pastors also maintain BioSand water filters for their owners. Entering someone's home to clean their BioSand water filter provides an opportunity to build a lasting relationship and ultimately share about the love of Jesus.

Please pray God will continue to use these tools to establish true friendship and soften hearts toward the Good News. Pray that through these relationships many will choose to embrace the Lord.

Pray for Pure Water

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