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Missionary Lawrance



Date of Birth: May 4, 1990

I was born into a believers’ family in India. Though I lived in a spiritual environment, I never had a personal encounter with the Lord.
However, my family was worried of my younger brother’s physical inability to walk. Once, my pastor prayed for him but nothing happened according to our expectation.
In my personal life, I became rebellious and developed a feeling of discontent for everything that was spiritual. My parents were very much worried about my lifestyle.
During this time, I met a pastor who counseled me and prayed for me. I felt a supernatural power working in me, which enabled me to realize myself as a sinful person. Tearfully, I received Jesus as my personal Savior.
As I conversed with the Lord in prayer, I was able to sense His heart regarding the mission. Confirmed of the heavenly call, I committed my life for the full time ministry and to train myself I joined a GFA Bible School.

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