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Missionary Paradesi


Married to: Mesha Sushma

Date of Birth: July 1, 1975

I was born in a believers’ family in India. From my childhood, I attended Sunday school regularly. It helped me to gain knowledge about God.
A question arose in my mind about eternity. As I approached my Sunday school teacher she said that those who receive Jesus Christ as their Savior will be with Him in heaven. Her words touched my heart.
I was able to realize that though I seemed to be a good Christian, I need to receive Jesus in my life. In obedience to the Word, I asked forgiveness to God for my wrongdoings and received Jesus as my personal Savior.
When I was confirmed of God’s calling, I joined a Bible school and involved in ministry. God has blessed me, and I was able to win a good number of people for Him.
I had been praying to study further in order to gain more knowledge in the Word. After much time spent in prayer, a new way was opened for me to join a GFA Bible School.

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