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Missionary Bajar



Married to: Shubha Maya Tamang

Date of Birth: October 20, 1978

I was born into a Hindu family in Nepal. When I was young, a nurse took me to her house to do her household works. She sent me to school, but unable to continue my studies, I quit in the third grade.
My childhood was very miserable. A victim of child labor on many occasions, I worked on daily wages in a textile industry and in a motorcycle garage. I had no peace within.
During this time of uncertainty, an evangelist came to me and talked about the God of whom I was ignorant. He then guided me to a believers’ church where I learned the Word. Eventually, the Lord made me understand that I was a sinner, and I needed the forgiveness of sins. Before long, I received Jesus as my Savior.
When I surrendered my life to God, I enjoyed His peace. The Lord changed me completely from within.
As I sought God’s will, He called me to serve Him. In obedience to my Savior’s call, I enrolled in a GFA Bible school.

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