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Real-life Hero

Watch the true story of a man who dreamed about a shack by the sewer, then moved into one.

Dream of the Slum

When Nitya Balji stepped into a slum in South Asia, he saw the place God had previously shown him in a dream. People were addicted to alcohol. There was no sanitation or opportunity to get an education.

Nitya knew God had called him to serve there. He moved in to the slum and dedicated his life to working among the people who lived there�"starting with the children.

Nitya started a school for these little ones, who called huts built of cardboard and plastic "home". Through his care for them, the children and their families felt valued for the first time in their lives. God even began doing miracles of healing among them. The message of hope spread throughout the slum, and now a fellowship meets there.

Nearly a third of the population of Asia's major cities live in slums. Hope for a way out is usually nonexistent. But through the work of GFA-supported missionaries like Nitya, the news of Jesus' love is transforming lives.

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