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Missionary Ronjon



Married to: Sushila Herenge

Date of Birth: March 21, 1974

I was born into a Hindu family in India. Following the traditional practices of our forefathers, we worshiped many gods and goddesses, offered sacrifices to their idols.
Years went by. I was seeking a job to support my family, and soon I secured a job. I left my homeland and went to settle at Karbi Anglong. Gradually I became ill, and my physical condition was worsening. I consulted many physicians but their efforts to heal me were in vain. I was very depressed mentally.
One day a pastor came to know about my sickness. He visited my house, shared the Good News and prayed for me. When he prayed, instantly I was healed, and through this incident I realized that Jesus is the only Lord. The Spirit of God convicted me of my sins, and I received Jesus as my Savior.
I waited upon the Lord to know His will. In obedience to God’s call, I enrolled in a GFA Bible school to be equipped for the task ahead of me.

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