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A Message from Our Founder,
K.P. Yohannan

Dear friend,

God so loved this lost world that He gave us Jesus, His only Son and our Saviour, on the first Christmas. This gift has brought hope, joy and salvation to all who have received Him.

Christmas is the perfect time to share this good news with thousands of poor, suffering and rejected people in Africa and Asia and give them practical gifts that can change their lives.

This catalogue offers you a variety of Christmas gifts you can choose to help an impoverished family earn a living, supply a struggling community with clean water or equip national missionaries to serve more efficiently.

Our GFA World missionaries will lovingly distribute the chickens, goats, buffalos, sewing machines, blankets and other items you give to desperately needy families.

I invite you to celebrate Christmas this year by putting a smile on the face of a poor mother who can wrap her infant in the warm blanket you provided, or by enabling a father to feed his family thanks to the goats you gave him, or by blessing a new believer with a copy of God’s Word in his own language. Whatever is on your heart to give will have a profound, even eternal, impact.

May the Lord fill you with His joy and peace as you celebrate His birth.

In Christ’s love,

K.P. Yohannan

KP Yohannan

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