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Read Stories of People Impacted by These Gifts

These stories of families rescued from poverty are just a tiny sample of the many lives GFA World partners like you are impacting. As you read or watch their stories, we hope you are encouraged to see a glimpse of what God can do through your Christmas gifts!

Tavish: A Father’s Good Gift

“I always used to think about my children, about what will happen to their future when my life is not yet settled.” —Tavish

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Kalinda: Water Buffalo Provides Security

After her husband’s sudden death, Kalinda faced extreme financial crisis. Then a “savings account on four legs” walked into her life.

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Abhijun: The Most Important Resource

“We never knew the real taste of water,” Abhijun said. “When our relatives come to visit us from the city, looking at the color of the water, they did not want to drink.” But now he can say, “It is nice and tasty. … These days we also do not face any problems like sickness.”

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Pasha: Armor in the Battle Against Bitter Cold

Wrapped in her new sweater, shielding herself from the biting cold, Pasha pressed on. And prayed. She knew how important her ministry was and how one film show could change people’s lives.

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Nadish: A Gift for a Father

Nadish’s eyes filled with tears when he received his rickshaw. It meant he would finally be empowered to work as hard as he could to care for his family. There would be no more rental fees and no more limited work hours.

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Jinsy: Dusting Off Her Potential

“It was my desire to do something for my family,” Jinsy remembers. She knew if she could just learn to sew, she could help increase their tiny income. Now after vocational training class, she says, “Now I am able to do it.”

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Mahavir: How Pigs Became an Answer to Prayer

“As I was very poor before... I used to worry a lot. I used to think, How will I feed my family? … But now, since I have been given piglets, all the worries and everything has been taken away.”

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Neela: A Future with a Sewing Machine

How does a widow with five children survive? Like countless other widows in Asia, Neela struggled to provide for her children. Then she received free tailoring classes and a sewing machine. Now she can meet the needs of her children!

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Shreya: When God Gave Her a Goat

Shreya toiled as the sole breadwinner for her family, even though she was beginning to suffer from various ailments. Because her husband was too ill to work, Shreya labored as a domestic worker to pay for their mounting medical expenses.

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Sitara: A Goat Sends Her Children to School

Sitara’s husband fell mentally ill and could not work; then both her sons died. Sitara grieved and was left alone—until she met a GFA-supported pastor who stepped in during her crisis and handed her a bleating goat.

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Pastor Kanak: Uplifting Weary Communities

“When I see all these problems that these people [are] going through, I not only pray for them, but I also try to help them.”

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Bhrithi: The Onion that Changed Her Life

“With the pull cart, I can travel around and sell onions and potatoes,” Bhrithi shares. “Wherever I find a suitable place, I stand and sell. My earnings have also increased. I can go to different places for the sale.”

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Kanal: 18 Piglets and Counting

“This pig has financially helped us in many ways. [By selling piglets], we have bought a goat and chickens, which are also going to be another source of income for our family. We do not have any problems now to pay the school fees for our children and to meet all their needs in school. ... We also have purchased roofing sheets to construct our house. ... I thank God for all the blessings.”

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Erina: A Gift Beyond Their Imagination

"Now, no more struggle!" she said. "Having a BioSand Water filter was beyond our imagination. But the Lord provided our need. Really, God is so good."

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Romila: Altering Their Income

“I was really longing for a machine,” Romila recalls. “I have no words to express my feelings and thanks to the church.”

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Sabar: Health Restored

Every day, Sabar trekked to the river to collect his water supply. Unfortunately, the water was not safe for consumption. Sabar often fell sick and his overall health suffered.

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Baharupa: Mosquito Net Helps Free Man from Addiction

“Who can give us mosquito nets without money?” Baharupa wondered. “This shows [the believers’] love towards us. I have never seen such kind of love among our society people.”

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Davita: Blanket Leaves Lasting Impact

“Pastor Ansh came to visit our home and prayed for us. Seeing the situation of our family, he provided us a blanket. I really felt that God had sent His angel to visit our family, and it impacted my life deeply.”

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