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Missionary Vinod



Married to: Priyanka

Date of Birth: February 21, 1989

I was born in a Hindu family in India. From childhood I was the follower of Durga. Yet, I was longing for peace in me.
I mingled with bad company of friends and started to drink alcohol. During this time, my mother was suffering from severe headache and chest pain. We took her to many doctors and witch doctors but in vain.
One of our relatives who was a believer came home with a pastor to pray for my mother. He said to believe in the Lord. As he shared the Biblical truth about the Savior, our eyes were wide open. As he prayed we also prayed along with him and by the grace of God she was completely cured.
This miracle paved the way to trust in the Lord. Along with my family I confessed my sins and received Him as our personal Savior. Not long after, I was baptized in water. From then on as I meditated on the Word, I was confirmed of the call. I then enrolled in a GFA Bible School to be well-equipped.

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