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Social Media Led Her to the Truth

Starting at a young age, Lochani saw her father beat her mother, Ayomi, for going to church or not doing exactly what he said. Now, after the fire, he angrily beat 5-year-old Lochani whenever he saw her, believing she was the cause of their devastation.

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Drugs, Cancer Took His Parents but Not His Hope

Tears rushed down Sam's cheeks. His mother had succumbed to cancer, leaving the 6-year-old alone in the world. Soon, Sam’s father sent a message from prison—would someone please help his son?

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More than Just Tears in Her Eyes

Waves of memories flooded Minosha’s mind as she recounted her life story to a GFA-supported field correspondent. Sorrowful memories about her husband, whom she never got to say goodbye to; about giving birth to their son alone, wondering where her husband was; about the day she learned she was a widow. The endless tears. Yet by the end of their conversation, a smile shone in her eyes—she also remembered the day she met Jesus.

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Dusting Off Her Potential

Jinsy stood in her home, contemplating once again the financial struggles of her family. What can I do to help? Her husband's source of income wasn't enough to provide for their family's basic needs. Their financial hardships led Jinsy to her knees in prayer, asking God to provide a way for her to earn additional income. Soon, they saw His answer.

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Simple Medicines, Practical Kindness

If you had a stomachache or a headache, what would you do? Probably take some pain relievers or go see your doctor. But what if you didn’t have those available? What if you didn’t have medicine and couldn’t afford to go to the doctor, and the nearest health care center was located miles away? This is a struggle thousands of people in Asia face every day.

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Doctors at the Doorstep

“I see lots of people suffer and die because of various kinds of sicknesses,” says GFA-supported pastor Ganesh. “Most of the people where I work are from very poor families.”

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Villages in Danger

Abhijun, 21, and his fellow villagers lived in near-perfect harmony. But underneath the beauty, the fertile lands hid a dangerous secret.

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Treasure Unearthed in a Slum

Madin finally had to leave. Being from the lowest class, he had suffered exploitation and mistreatment at the hands of his upper-class neighbors all his life. He couldn’t handle the abuse anymore. Seeking peace for his family, he knew they could no longer live in their village.

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The Curse of Leprosy Cured

Prina sat in her room all alone, waiting for her food to be delivered—the best and worst part of her day. Leprosy had locked her away, isolated from her family. She longed for the human interaction that occurred when a family member carried food to her room.

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Water Buffalo Provides Security for Family

Kalinda’s husband, Anton, stood in the night air, just outside the house. It was the end of a long day at work, capped by a family dinner. The children were in bed, and Anton and Kalinda prepared for their nightly respite. Enjoying one last moment under the starry sky, Anton suddenly felt faint. He crumpled to the ground, his life extinguished by cardiac arrest.

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Rickshaw Unlocks a New Path

Alcohol was Tanul's constant companion ever since he was a child—just like the poverty he was born into. When Tanul married, he did not lay aside his drinking. As the burden of caring for a family increased, so did his time with the bottle. Children came, and Tanul was unable to provide adequate food for his family or cover school fees—making a hopeful future for them nearly impossible.

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From Death to Life at the Hands of a Good Samaritan

Marut's heart raced as his feet tore down the dark road in front of him. It had been a weary day of labor, and now his lean body strained as he flew from the wild dogs closing the gap between them.

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Moving Poverty Out of the Picture

Tavish’s father died when he was just a small boy. His death not only created a hole in their family unit, but it plunged them into a state of financial crisis. Young Tavish and his mother cultivated the land they owned, leaving the boy with no opportunity to go to school.

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