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Transform a village. Change a life.

Partnering with a National Missionary or sponsoring a Bridge of Hope child is the first step in changing a life or transforming a village with the love of Christ.

With little to no barriers to overcome, your missionary will achieve amazing results sharing among those who haven't heard of Christ's name. After graduating from Bible College, each missionary is ready and equipped to share with others a hope that is only found in Christ.

Every day, in Bridge of Hope centers across South Asia, children are discovering a personal God who loves them. Through your sponsorship you will more than change the life of a child, you will change the life of a whole family.


Since the ministry began, we have sent one hundred percent of what you give toward sponsorship to the nations we serve and have trusted the Lord to provide for our overhead costs.

At the same time, we do our part to keep these expenses very low.

For instance, our home office staff members raise their own financial support, which covers their salary and benefits, helping keep our overhead costs at a minimum.

The Lord has been faithful to meet our every need over 30 years, and we give Him glory and thanks.

Transform a village

Partnering with a National Missionary is one of the most effective ways to reach the lost world with Christ.

  • 3-years intensive ministry training
  • Can work in closed countries
  • Mastered the language
  • Knows the culture
  • Move easily among the people
  • Make an impact within their first year
Sponsor A Missionary

Change a life

Redeem their stolen childhood with the love of Christ. Sponsor a child and offer hope for eternity. Read below some of the benefits you can provide.

  • Introduce them to Christ
  • Education & Literacy
  • Medical Care
  • A daily meal
  • Give them hope for the future
Sponsor A Child

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