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Missionary Lungin



Date of Birth: October 12, 1988

I was born in a believers’ family in India. Brought up in a spiritual atmosphere, I heard about Jesus Christ from my childhood. Yet, I did not give my heart to Jesus.
As a child, I was envy of my friends who were from rich background. Thinking that only the wealthy people are happy, I desired to earn money. But I lost all peace of mind.
One Sunday, I happened to hear some church members talking each other that there is no real peace and happiness apart from God. This statement gave me a new insight.
With great enthusiasm I participated in Gospel conventions and prayer meetings, and I learned the Word in a profound manner. Soon, I was convicted of my sins. Before long, I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and welcomed Him into my heart as my personal Savior.
I started praying to God to help me share His love with the lost. In due time, my Master confirmed my call to serve Him and opened a door for me to enroll in a GFA Bible School.

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