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Missionary Dhananjaya



Married to: Urmila Tadingi
I was born October 10, 1988, in a nominal Christian family in India. Since childhood, I used to attend Sunday school and church services regularly.

Despite our financial struggles, I was sent to school. I was able to study till the tenth grade, because it was during this time, my father passed away. I stayed with my mother and helped her in the household work.

As we had a small plot of land, my mother asked me to do sugarcane cultivation. With the support of my family, I submitted all the bank documents and I was granted with good amount of money from the bank. After two months of my cultivation, heavy rain came and the flood water destroyed everything. I was heart broken because this was the only source for me to pay back my bank debts. Since then, along with my family members I started to pray to God to help us. God was merciful to us and within two years we were able to pay back all the money. Soon, by confessing my sins I received Jesus as my Saviour.

Thus, I started attending the church and took part in all the spiritual activities. It was then a desire grew in my heart to serve the Lord. When I prayed, the Lord confirmed His calling. In obedience to His call, I enrolled in a GFA Bible School.

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