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May 29, 2020

On the Front Lines

“We had been starving in this lockdown situation, but for the past four days, [the church] is getting food for us every day. We are really thankful to them,” said one needy recipient in Uttar Pradesh.

With tears in her eyes, a 7-year-old girl said, “I lost my mother three years ago, and my father has health issues and he is unable to walk. We depend on begging for our survival. But due to lockdown, we are starving and sleeping [with] empty stomachs. I thank you for providing food to us every day.”

Police officers are working day and night to maintain order and safety in the midst of the pandemic. In Uttar Pradesh, our church provided daily cooked meals for a full week, both for police officers and the most needy in the area, who are struggling to survive.

The food distribution has also helped the lockdown, which was instituted to minimize the virus’ spread. Police appreciated the assistance.

“So many people complain and come out for food in the street, but from the time the [church] began distributing food, no one is coming out on the street,” said Kalpa, a police officer. “We thank you for joining us in making the lockdown in India successful.”

Helping People Stay Safe

In the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, individuals on the front lines are working hard for people’s health, safety and sanitation. Every day they put their own health at risk to protect others and help those in desperate need. GFA workers are standing hand in hand with these brave souls.

Medical staff in Myanmar receive health kits, which included masks, surgical gloves, sanitizer and blankets.

The number of COVID-19 cases is rising, and medical staff are needed to treat patients. The situation in a particularly affected area of Myanmar sparked compassion in the heart of Bishop Nochhum mor Abraham, one of GFA’s pastors who leads the work in that region. He sought to show the love of Christ by helping doctors as well as those in dire need.

Local pastors and church members assembled health kits, which included masks, surgical gloves, sanitizer and blankets, and sent them to the local hospital. Believers hope the doctors will continue to stay healthy as they perform their critical work.

Ministering to Sanitation Workers

Sanitation workers such as road cleaners, garbage collecters and road sweepers play an important role in fighting the spread of disease as they serve to keep cities clean.

“If these garbage collectors don’t work, we will be left with all dirt, infectious substance and hazardous materials on road and get sick,” said Kalani, a social services officer.

GFA workers distribute food to those helping keep the city clean in Uttar Pradesh.

Though still working, these workers’ salaries have been delayed, leaving them unable to purchase food in these trying times. In response to the needs of these workers, and a special request from the municipal council, one of GFA’s pastors who leads the work in Sri Lanka, Bishop Geevarghese mor Makariose, and GFA pastor Eshan organized a dry rations distribution in Sri Lanka. Grateful recipients received packets of rice, dal, sugar, salt, a can of salmon, tea leaves and biscuits.

“Nobody else is thinking of the importance of these people, as this is considered a low-profile work,” said council chairman Udara. “But the … church workers were first to respond and grant our humble request to help these 40 families.”

“I thank God for giving us an opportunity to represent God’s love and perform acts of compassion for desperate people during COVID-19 epidemic,” the Bishop said. “We were able to distribute dry rations to so many needy families.”

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