Gifts from the Stable

Donating Animals Delivers Hope, Income

How are chickens, cows and goats a display of Christ's compassion? It's simple, when a family receives one of these items, they're blessed with the income the animal provides. Smaller animals reproduce quickly, and their offspring can be sold. Larger animals can plow a field or pull a cart. Receiving a gift from the stable truly changes a life.



Cows and the milk they produce help families grow stronger, healthier and more financially secure. A cow’s milk can be consumed, adding much-needed nutrients to the family’s diet, or sold, adding to the family’s income. The cow’s manure serves as a rich fertilizer for farmers, resulting in a more profitable harvest. As cows multiply, so does the financial benefit and the family’s hope for the future.

“After having received the gift, we are really blessed. We have some income in our family. We have hope; we have a purpose in life and really are so blessed and so happy, just unlike what we thought our future would be.” —Janella, a mother whose adult son received a cow

Water Buffalo


Water buffalo are powerful animals often used to plow fields. They produce milk for drinking or selling, and their dung can be used as fuel for cooking. Your gift towards a water buffalo could greatly improve a family’s financial situation!

“My 8-year-old nephew Benjamin has been waiting for the last few weeks for your Christmas Gift Catalog to come in the mail. He asks me nearly every day if it has come yet. ... After writing his list and handing over the money, he said that his joy was ‘too much!’ ” —Cherilyn, a donor from Canada



These portly critters bring powerful financial breakthroughs to needy families. Piglets fetch a good price at market, which enables families to buy whatever they need, and adult pigs provide ample meat for selling or eating.

“As I was very poor before, I used to worry a lot. … But now, since I have [these piglets,] all the worries and everything has been taken away. … After getting these piglets, I really have seen the works of prayer and what faith can really do. My faith is growing day by day.” —Missael, a father of three who can now feed and clothe his family



Your gift towards goats can rapidly improve a family’s financial situation. In the case of one father, one pair of goats multiplied and enabled him to start a goat farm, resulting in more than 75 goats to milk or sell. He built a house for his family and sent his children to school, offering them a better future than his parents were able to offer him when he was a child.

“I just love how animals can help sustain a family with food and income. What a blessing it is to serve in this way.” —Hope, a donor from Tennessee



Your gift towards chickens can help supplement a family’s income and often helps a family get on its feet financially. Hungry families can eat or sell the nutritious eggs, or they can hatch chicks to increase their flock and later have more eggs and chicks to sell.

“There is no one to take care of me at this old age. I am worried, thinking, ‘What will happen if I die and no one will even know about it?’ Today, I saw your care, and I am happy for the chicken you gave me.” —Prim, a 65-year-old widow

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