Gifts from the Stable

Donating Animals Delivers Hope, Income

How are chickens, rabbits and goats a display of Christ's compassion? It's simple, when a family receives one of these items, they're blessed with the income the animal provides. Smaller animals reproduce quickly, and their offspring can be sold. Larger animals can plow a field or pull a cart. Receiving a gift from the stable truly changes a life.


$470 each

Cows and the milk they produce help families grow stronger, healthier and more financially secure.

“After the death of my husband, I was really helpless and broken, but [my pastor] encouraged me time and time again to stand firm in faith. Now I am very happy to have a cow. ... This cow will give birth; then I can get milk from this cow. I will sell the milk to the milk factory to get money for the expenses of my family. My children will also have milk to drink. This cow will be really an amazing gift for our living. Thank you.” —Danna, a widow and mother of four children in Asia


$81 for a pair

When a lamb matures and produces offspring, its rich milk is an excellent source of calcium, an essential nutrient for young children. Income from selling milk or offspring can provide education, food, medical care or a multitude of other valuable needs for families. And healthier, stronger families mean healthier, stronger communities!

Water Buffalo

$575 each

Water buffalo are powerful animals often used to plow fields. They produce milk for drinking or selling, and their dung can be used as fuel for cooking. A water buffalo will greatly improve a family’s financial situation!

“We are so excited to be able to help them out through Gospel for Asia and give a needy family a water buffalo! We’re also thrilled that they will be hearing the Good News of Christ! Nothing is better than that!” —Kristen, a donor from Pennsylvania


$81 for a pair

These portly critters bring powerful financial breakthroughs to needy families. Piglets fetch a good price in market, which enables families to buy whatever they need, and adult pigs provide ample meat for selling or eating.

“I am so happy for God providing me these two piglets. ... I have already started thinking about what to do with these piglets. ... I will give them good food so that they grow big. In the future, they will give birth to several piglets. I am already seeing that these pigs will bring . . . income to my family.” —Laghuvi, a mother who received two piglets


$175 per pair

Goats can rapidly improve a family’s financial situation. In the case of one father, one pair of goats multiplied and enabled him to start a goat farm, which later grew to hold more than 75 goats he could milk or sell. He built a house for his family and sent his children to school, offering them a better future than his parents were able to offer him when he was a child.


$13 for a pair

The gift of chickens supplements a family’s income and often helps a family get on its feet financially. Families can eat or sell the nutritious eggs, or they can hatch chicks to increase their flock and later have more eggs and chicks to sell. These birds of a feather multiply quickly, taste just like chicken and are really cheep!

“We encouraged our youth group to bring a donation to the youth group Christmas party so we could bless several families with chickens! It was fun to see the students participate by bringing what they were able, and we were thankful because it got them thinking outside of themselves and about the needs of others around the world.”—Matt, a donor from Michigan

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