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Gospel for Asia Flood Relief

Cyclone Relief Work is part of our Compassion Services

Update: Mahasen Affects 1.2 Million in Bangladesh

May 22, 2013

Government officials in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka are relieved to see a low death toll of 48 from tropical storm Mahasen, but with 1.2 million affected in Bangladesh alone, the storm’s devastation is far from over.

Those who evacuated before the storm will return to find thousands of homes, crop acres and livestock damaged or destroyed. In one Bangladeshi district, three Gospel for Asia-supported churches were heavily damaged.

Gospel for Asia’s Compassion Services teams are putting together food packets for families, which include rice, salt, oil, potatoes and matchsticks.

"We would like to provide for 540 families right away," said a team member. Similar plans are being made in other districts as ministry leaders assess the damage and gather the resources available to meet families’ needs. Each food packet will cost about $14.

Cyclone Mahasen Damage

Tropical storm Mahasen destroyed thousands of homes along the coast of Bangladesh.

Cyclone Mahasen Damage

Families are constructing temporary shelters while they wait to rebuild their homes.

News Release: Gospel for Asia Rushing Immediate Relief to Hundreds of Thousands in Wake of Bangladesh Storm

Six-month Ongoing Ministry Anticipated for Rebuilding Lives of Victims Losing Everything.

May 17, 2013

In Bangladesh and parts of Myanmar (Burma) where Tropical Storm Mahasen left hundreds of thousands displaced and homeless, Gospel for Asia (GFA) missionaries are on the job delivering food, clothing and temporary shelter.

Gospel for Asia will still be involved in this crisis far into 2013. No immediate aid will substitute for the long-term recovery of those who lost everything in one storm.

"There will be months of agony for these suffering people long after the media has forgotten," said K. P. Yohannan, Gospel for Asia founder and president, "Rebuilding the lives of those who have lost everything will be the long and difficult task fulfilled by those who remember and remain."

Tropical Storm Mahasen made landfall in the coastal areas of Bangladesh, where almost one million people had been evacuated. Early reports of casualties may be grossly understated because the storm ripped through mainly rural areas. The storm surge destroyed thousands of primitive living quarters, leaving hundreds of thousands homeless or displaced.

The Muslim Rohingya living on both sides of the Myanmar (Burma) border were also affected. At least 150,000 had been displaced last year by ethnic violence and were living in temporary camps in low-lying areas easily swamped by the storm.

Cyclones in this area are almost annual events. Their toll is exponentially more severe here, given the instability of living quarters, most of which are small huts or shacks.

"These people have lost everything: their goats and chickens, their children’s school books, their clothing, their simple livelihood�"all has been washed away," said Yohannan. "Fleeing for their lives, they salvaged only what they could carry on their heads or in their arms."

GFA missionaries and their fellowships were established parts of these communities and equipped to respond immediately in the moments following the disaster. They are trained to counsel in crises and will be available to help long-term as lives are rebuilt.

"In the darkness of these desperate people, we have the opportunity to bring hope and to share the love of Christ through physical help," said Yohannan. "Hundreds of people far away can respond in prayer and support for those who have lost every earthly possession."

Gospel for Asia's Compassion Services is bringing Christ's love to the suffering and needy in very practical ways.

How we help

GFA missionaries and volunteers assist survivors of natural disasters by providing food, water, medical care, clothing and even shelter. And all is done with a clear Gospel witness.

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Gospel for Asia Flood Relief

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How we help

GFA missionaries and volunteers assist survivors of natural disasters by providing food, water, medical care, clothing and even shelter. And all is done with a clear Gospel witness.

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