Provide Much-Needed Medical Care in Jesus’ Name

Many impoverished people have no other choice but to suffer, and eventually die, from curable diseases and treatable injuries because there’s no medical care facility nearby. You can make it possible for them to see a doctor and receive lifesaving treatment.

GFA missionaries are providing much-needed medical care through medical camps.

These GFA World medical camps bring skilled doctors, medical staff and health training to remote villages, crowded slums and areas where people rarely have the chance to see a doctor. One medical camp may serve 200 to 1,000 children and adults. Each year, GFA workers organize around 1,000 medical camps.

Examinations and medicines provided at the medical camps are free for every patient. There are no hidden fees or surprise expenses for those who attend—just free medical attention.

In addition to offering medical services, GFA missionaries pray for and listen to attendees as they share their burdens. Patients not only receive care for their physical needs but also hear of God’s love for them.

Give Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

Your gift will help us continue to provide people with the urgent medical care they need at no cost to them.

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