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Devastating Earthquake Affects Brothers and Sisters in Nepal

In the wake of a destructive earthquake on November 3, people in western Nepal—including several GFA missionaries and the believers in their congregations—are reeling from the sudden loss of loved ones. Many more are struggling to cope with the loss of their homes and livelihoods. Our pastors and missionaries in the region are on the ground providing critical aid such as temporary shelters and food to those affected by this tragedy. Please consider giving to our disaster relief ministry so we can continue to help people in their most desperate hour of need.

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Ways to Pray

Pray for comfort for the grieving.

More than 150 people perished in this disaster, including 3 members of our churches.1 Please pray that those in mourning will experience God’s presence and find refuge in Him. Pray for believers to share God’s comfort with their neighbours who are also grieving. Ask the Holy Spirit to empower believers to encourage and support others with hope in Christ.

Pray for healing for the injured.

More than 300 people suffered injuries caused by the earthquake.2 Military personnel and rescue workers have mobilized to find the injured, treat injuries when possible and transport people to hospitals.

Please pray for God’s sovereign guidance upon those carrying out search and rescue operations. Pray that injured people will receive all needed medical care and fully recover.

Pray for GFA workers and other aid workers rushing to supply relief.

The remoteness of the earthquake-shaken communities makes it difficult for aid organizations to travel there by road, but God has allowed GFA missionaries, traveling by a tractor, to reach a village of more than 200 affected families. Please pray that God will grant efficient transportation and safe travels to GFA missionaries and other organizations so they can provide urgently needed help. Ask the Lord to provide shelter and food to those who have been displaced.

Pray for protection from aftershocks and building collapses.

Our partners on the field report that many people fear possible aftershocks, which can cause great destruction. These aftershocks can topple already-unsteady buildings in the days following an earthquake. Please pray God will spare the earthquake-affected communities from further injury or death in the wake of this disaster.

1 Sharma, Gopal. “Nepal earthquake: More tremors occur three days after deadly quake.” Reuters. November 6, 2023.


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