Pray for GFA's Leprosy Ministry: bringing love and life to people suffering with leprosy

Today, leprosy (also known as Hansen’s Disease) is shattering thousands of lives worldwide, especially in Asia. Although leprosy is treatable, people in Asia who live with this disease are commonly shunned by society and are driven to seclusion.

Through GFA-supported leprosy ministry, Sisters of Compassion and other national workers are ministering to the needs of leprosy patients in Asia, bestowing dignity to those whom others have rejected. Simple acts of love, such as cooking meals, making customized shoes, providing medication or cleaning wounds for a leprosy patient, demonstrate how God deeply cares about all His creation—even those who have been crippled or disfigured by this devastating disease.

Please use these prayer suggestions to learn more about leprosy and to guide you as you pray for GFA’s ministry to those affected with leprosy.

Pray for Physical and Emotional Healing

Left unattended, leprosy will ravage the body of its victim, eventually leading to disfigurement. It can also cause blindness. But with appropriate care and medication, this disease can be stopped in its tracks. With as little as one week of treatment, leprosy patients are no longer contagious. But beyond physical healing, many patients need emotional healing from the trauma and rejection they experience. God is using medical treatment, prayer and compassionate service to bring relief and even complete healing to leprosy patients, both physically and emotionally.

Pray for miraculous healing of leprosy patients and for them to find peace and healing in Christ. Pray they will be filled with a new hope as national workers minister God’s compassion toward them.

Pray for Provision and Kindness

Those who have lost the use of their hands and feet have no way to provide for themselves, yet they are often abandoned by society. Other leprosy patients may have few physical limitations, but the stigma of the disease can hinder their likelihood of being hired. Many also have children to care for and may often resort to begging to find food. One simple act of kindness or a thoughtful word can make all the difference and give them fresh courage to continue their battle to survive.

Ask God to meet the needs of those impacted by leprosy and to prompt neighbors and communities to perform acts of kindness toward the needy.

Pray for the Growth of Leprosy Ministry

In 2015, 210,758 new cases of leprosy were detected globally, despite increased efforts to fight the disease. In India alone, 127,326 people were diagnosed with leprosy during that year—that’s nearly 15 people every hour. GFA-supported workers are ministering among dozens of communities of leprosy patients, but there are many more communities in need of help. The need for more workers, supplies and resources is vast.

Please pray leprosy ministry can start in new areas, and ask God to raise up more people who are skilled and willing to serve in this way.

Pray for Those Serving in Leprosy Ministry

National missionaries who minister among leprosy patients demonstrate Jesus’ love in many ways. In addition to cleaning and dressing wounds, these workers help those with disabilities by cooking meals, cleaning homes, assisting with bathing and other practical acts of service. They also offer friendship, comfort and love to those so many others have chosen to ignore and cast aside.

Please pray these workers will have the physical endurance and emotional stability to continue offering strength and hope to people who are living in heartbreaking situations.

Pray Communities Gain a True Understanding of the Disease

Understanding leprosy is key to relieving the plight of leprosy patients and eliminating the disease. Fear of catching leprosy often results in the ostracism of those diagnosed with leprosy, though it is not easily contracted. Because of the severity of this shunning, many people who worry they may have leprosy hide their condition, not knowing that if the disease is caught and treated early, it is curable.

Pray communities in Asia gain a greater awareness and understanding of this disease and the available treatment. Please also pray for a shift in mindset among communities and for increased compassion toward those diagnosed with leprosy.

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