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Download Videos for Presentation (mp4 format)

Looking for a presentation to encourage and challenge your church or small group? Download our videos and share how God is transforming lives in South Asia.

Please Note: These videos contain contact and pricing details for GFA USA. Please refer to our site for contact details and pricing relevant for Australia.

Title: Bible Woman Jaishri


Like most Asian women Jaishri has had an incredibly tough life. Yet out of the ashes God has raised up a powerful testimony of His grace and love.

Download Bible Woman Jaishri:

Title: Broken Lives Now Mended


Sharing the love of Christ with villagers that are anti-christian is hard to do. Watch this video about how through the Spirit and perseverance of Pastor Soy this familys hearts were softened to the Truth

Download Broken Lives Now Mended:

Title: Desperate to be a Slumdog


Many people throughout Asia are destitute and have no other choice but to live in crowded slums. Their lives offer no hope for a future. Watch the true story of a man who dreamed about these slums then moved into one

Download Desperate to be a Slumdog:

Title: Flip-Flop Sandals in the Snow


Would you want to wear flip-flop sandals in the snow Find out what life is like for Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries high in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal.

Download Flip-Flop Sandals in the Snow:

Title: Forgotten Islands Now Reached


Meet people who have never even heard the name of Jesus. Find out how God is transforming the lives of these islanders through a group of dedicated GFA-supported missionaries who are reaching the most unreached with Jesus love.

Download Forgotten Islands Now Reached:

Title: He Is Just Like Jesus


Four of the seven children in this family had died while facing financial struggles as well. They were in a desperate situation. Then Pastor Ash came and listened to their problems and began praying for them. Amazingly their situation changed for the better and they put their trust in Jesus.

Download He Is Just Like Jesus:

Title: Hope for the Least of These


South Asia is home to 300 million Dalits

Download Hope for the Least of These:

Title: Jesus Wells


Most of us take for granted the water which flows freely from our taps. But for many villages in South Asia this basic life necessity is often in short supply. God is providing Jesus Wells providing families with much needed water and the Living Water.

Download Jesus Wells:

Title: Jesus Wells - Did You Know


Jesus Wells are easily accessible for the entire community. They wont dry up in the heat of the summer because theyre drilled deep into the earth. Villagers can simply go to the Jesus Well without having to walk hours to find water which usually ends up being a contaminated pond or stream. Communities are willing to learn about the love of Christ after seeing Gods provision for them through the gift of a Jesus Well. Peoples health improves as they drink from this water source resulting in fewer waterborne diseases and less sickness.

Download Jesus Wells - Did You Know:

Title: Jesus Wells Short Version)


Most of us take for granted the water which flows freely from our taps. But for many villages in South Asia this basic life necessity is often in short supply. God is providing Jesus Wells providing families with much needed water and the Living Water.

Download Jesus Wells Short Version):

Title: Kidnapped Then Freed - Missionary Interview


In late July 2012 Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Ponnachan George was kidnapped at gunpoint by terrorists and held for five days in the jungle of Assam India. While his captors threatened his life you joined with us in prayer for his release and by Gods grace he was safely returned to us. Now Pastor Ponnachan is ready to share his incredible story with those who cried out to the Lord on his behalf. Watch this exclusive interview to see how God protected him.

Download Kidnapped Then Freed - Missionary Interview:

Title: Life and Hope - Explosive Growth


What a Difference 3 Years Makes. A region plagued by poverty and desperation has found hope. Three years ago people in this village struggled for survival. Now through a Jesus Well and Bridge of Hope centers hope lives here.

Download Life and Hope - Explosive Growth:

Title: Making Disciples


Gospel for Asias main mission is to make disciples throughout Asia following the great commission found in Matthew 28:19. This short video shows a brief glimpse into how each of the ministries of Gospel for Asia fulfills that call.

Download Making Disciples:

Title: Mula: A Widows Story


After her husband died Mula and her four children were struggling to survive. The Lord showed His provision to them through Bridge of Hope and Tailoring classes eventually making His home in their hearts.

Download Mula: A Widows Story:

Title: Our Work in Asia


In this short video you can catch a glimpse of the great need in South Asia and the work we do there.

Download Our Work in Asia:

Title: Over 250 Million Women in Asia are Illiterate


More than one in three women in Asia are illiterate—and the statistic holds true for women in Gospel for Asia-supported churches. Their inability to read leaves them vulnerable to those wanting to take advantage of their ignorance and without reading the Bible its a challenge to deepen their knowledge of their Saviour

Download Over 250 Million Women in Asia are Illiterate:

Title: Sweet Water - BioSand Water Filters


Many poor regions of Asia have no source of pure drinking water. Using concrete and sand these bio water filters remove impurities providing water for drinking and cooking that is 98 percent pure.

Download Sweet Water - BioSand Water Filters:

Title: Talking Jeep in Nepal Gives Testimony


This GFA jeep has traveled over 700000 kilometers 434959 miles) over the last ten years. He has quite a story to tell!

Download Talking Jeep in Nepal Gives Testimony:

Title: The Dream about Bridge of Hope - K.P. Yohannan


This generation is ready for harvest but we need to reach out and share the Good News with them. Through the Bridge of Hope program we can reach Asia through the children.

Download The Dream about Bridge of Hope - K.P. Yohannan:

Title: The Power of the Meek


The prognosis was terminal for this young boy from a poor village. However God used his friend Sagan and a group of children to pray for him. Watch the incredible testimony of how a young group of Bridge of Hope students saw the power of prayer demonstrated in the lives of their teachers—and then began to consistently follow their example.

Download The Power of the Meek:

Title: To Live Is Christ excerpt)


Will you give your life away in order to unleash Gods life-giving power in you Watch as K.P. passionately shares about the desperate need there is for believers to stand in the gap for the lost and dying in this world. God can and wants to use our lives in mighty ways if only we will surrender ourselves to Him.

Download To Live Is Christ excerpt):

Title: When Sister Mary Prays


With passion and steadfastness Sister Mary prays for the sick and suffering in her community. As this humble village woman intercedes hearts are changed and lives are transformed.

Download When Sister Mary Prays:

Title: Women Missionaries: Offering Hope


In many Asian cultures it is wrong for a woman to interact with a man who is not her husband. That is why women missionaries are the perfect solution! Listen to their testimonies see their passion and join them as they help end the suffering of thousands of women in Asia.

Download Women Missionaries: Offering Hope:

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