Christ’s Loving Compassion for Widows and Children in Need

Join us in providing urgently needed care for widows and abandoned children struggling to survive throughout the countries we serve.

In many places we serve, a widow is considered a curse and is therefore socially shunned, abused, neglected—and often abandoned by her own family. Thousands of abandoned and neglected widows and children across Africa and Asia live in such deep poverty that many of them turn to begging and scavenging garbage heaps for survival.

Though their families and society may have turned their backs on these precious women, God loves them dearly. His Word tells us that He wants us to give them hope and practical help. As it says in James 1:27 (NET), “… care for orphans and widows in their adversity ...”

That’s why GFA World has an ongoing ministry to rescue and sustain the lives of neglected and abandoned widows and their children, as well as deserted street children.

You Can Offer Lifesaving Assistance

You can help meet the immediate needs, such as food and clothing, of destitute, vulnerable widows and children who are grieving and struggling to survive. Your help can also provide income-generating gifts, training and medical care.

Are you from the United States?

If you would like to sponsor, donate or make a store purchase, please visit our US office page.

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