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Missionary Ranjeet



I was born into a Hindu family in India. My father is a farmer, who worked for a landlord and earned a very meager amount of wages.
As I reached adolescence, I disobeyed my parents and went after the desires of this world. I was not attending school, and I grieved my parents greatly. They went to various religious places to perform rituals but nothing happened as they thought.
One day, my brother and myself accidentally drowned in a lake. We were rescued and were in a state of fear it was during this time, one of my neighbors who is a believer came with some local church pastors to our home and prayed. They asked my parents to join for three days of fasting and prayer meeting in a church. At the end of the meeting, both of us were completely healed and praised God for His mercy on our lives.
After the miracle, I received the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior. Gradually, I developed a desire to reach the lost with God’s love. The Lord graciously granted me His calling and helped me to join a GFA Bible School.

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